BlackBerry Users to Cover BlackBerry in Burqa

With all the mumbo jumbo going on about the BlackBerry Services suspension in some of the Gulf States, my friend sent me this funny interesting artricle from NewsBiscuits

“New laws in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will require that every Blackberry user dress their phone a miniature burqa and face veil.

‘The Blackberry burqa means that people can still use their phones,’ said a Saudi government official, ‘but the tiny niqab that covers the screen will stop them from reading emails or accessing the Internet.’

The introduction of the burqa is intended to conceal the Blackberry from unwanted attention. With the veil in place only a tiny slit remains revealing just the time and date, thus preserving its modesty.”

To read the full article, click here!

Thanks Suli 😉

8 responses to “BlackBerry Users to Cover BlackBerry in Burqa

  1. لووووووووول

    شالفايده اغطيه في برقع 😀

    غتره وعقال مره وحده

  2. Thats really silly, Im done reading lol whts the point!

    Some religious groups have welcomed the policy. ‘If Allah had meant us to freely access the Internet He would have given us web browsers in our heads,’ said a local imam, adding ‘There is absolutely no mention of instant messaging in the Koran and at no point did Muhammad, or any of his eleven wives, ever say LOL, ROFL or PMSL.’

  3. Hahahahhaha, I want one!

  4. هههههههههههههههههههههه
    واايد حلوة الصوره …
    لا تصير عنده موضه ويخبون فيها الناس
    ويصير نيو كيس فروم جلف .. فور بلاك بيري
    :)) نايس بوست

  5. what a dumb article, if ppl only had better things to do with their lives they would be more productive as opposed to thinking out articles as such.

    I find religious jokes lame and silly!


  6. LOOOL! Oh man! Awesome!

  7. I think the Saudis have nothing better to do but to come up with cosmetic exercises to keep the population busy!

    What a farce …. whilst at the same time …….. For no one knows what goes on behind closed doors!

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