Enjoy!… Very Well Enjoyed ;-)

Last night I had dinner at the newly soft opened restaurant, Enjoy – a small cozy restaurants in Salmiya!

The place is inviting! There is a seating outside with a glass fountain wall, and the inside is really hip and cool, funky kinda cool. Glossy blackboard on the wall with black lit floor with spot lights, purple wall with soft dimmed lights of orange, blue, and white! An open kitchen with wok stove overlooks the restaurant.

We were handed the menus (which I will be scanning and sending to Q8PD soon ;-)). They offer a wide range of food items to choose from; appetizers/sides, salads, soups, burgers (10 kinds), noodles/rice, house specialities (Chinese/oriental), desserts, milk shakes (8 kinds), lemonades (7 kinds), and hot/cold beverages!

We opted for three appetizers; Shrimp Tempura, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and Boneless Chicken wings

Now where do I begin? I was extremely satisfied with all three dishes!  the boneless chicken wings were absolutely fabulous! A very delicious taste paired with a side of celery sticks and dipping sauce for both! The chicken was tender and the buffalo sauce was spiced about right (I’m not the judge of spiciness). The spring rolls order comes in 8 pieces, the size of which is somewhat small -something I liked- and is a accompanied with somewhat sweet chili sauce. Now the shrimp tempura was another story! They were light and not greasy.. the batter was really light and fluffy, and it was not served with your usual tempura sauce! The order comes in with a sweet tangy sauce! I liked it… correction, I LOVED it!

The night kept getting better and better… specially when the burgers were served! Now you can order the burgers mini, regular, or as a meal. The meal is served with one regular burger or three minis + french fries + soft drink. We ordered ours all in regular size, my sister had hers with french fries.

Here is the Caesars Chicken burger; crispy chicken breast, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, and Caesar sauce

It was rated as really good by my friend who had it… and below is my sister’s order; the House Burger meal which consist of juicy beef patty, melted jack cheese, lettuce, caramelized onion, and special house sauce with a side of french fries of course 😉

She loved it… she said it was really really good… And my order – below, Swiss Mushroom burger – totally divine!!!!!! Its made of juicy beef parry, melted Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions, lettuce, and mushroom sauce.

Now I cant really talk about their orders in details… but I can talk about mine, right? 😉 To begin with, Swiss Mushroom burger in general is something I love and like to order in different restaurants! This one hit the spot just right, specially that I broke my diet for this fabulous dinner! I can easily say that this was the best Swiss Mushroom burger I had in Kuwait for all the following factors: the size of the burger/bun is not small and not big. I can categorize it as a gourmet burger for that the ingredients used complimented one another really well, and the burger was really rich and juicy (I do not usually have Swiss mushroom burgers with lettuce, but this one came with butter lettuce, which I did not mind at all). The buns were not the Kuwait Mills kinda buns, they were freshly made from a bakery… that was obvious and a very nice move!

Moving on… this is a picture of my peachy lemonade

A bit on the sweet side, I may ask for less syrup next time I order from Enjoy. And The Berry Delight; a mix of blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries… topped with hot white chocolate sauce… perfect with coffee 😉

Although still in soft opening, I am highly recommending this new cozy restaurant for you. While there, few people came in for pick-up orders. I also them preparing orders for delivery (If I am not mistaken they deliver to Salmiya, Jabriya, and Surra for now – but you can always call and check if they deliver to your area). It is also worth mentioning that not only the food was great, but so was the service and price! Our bill came to a total of around KD14-15! But it was taken care of by the owners… Nice 😉

Enjoy is located in Salmiya next to Marina Residence and Marina Mall, and their Tel # is 2573-7573 | 2573-9573

Live, love, eat & Enjoy! Noodles & More… another spot that hit the spot for me 😉

You can find Enjoy’s menu on KTPD (link)

30 responses to “Enjoy!… Very Well Enjoyed ;-)

  1. I was expecting healthier reviews from now on 🙂 …. yesterday i ditched the gym becoz i passed by the baking tray and remembered ur blog about it !!!

  2. YUM bel3afyaaa, shaklaa sij 7iloo

  3. I know its not lunch or dinner time but I want those shrimps *drooooooooool* shawagteeni 3ala alsauce malhom! abeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. I don’t know how Ansam’s keep her weight ;p

  5. I don’t know how Ansam’s keeps her weight in check ;p

  6. looks very nice ,bel3afya enshalla:)

  7. Oh that’s looking really yummy. I feel a visit is in order thanks for the great review I know what I’m ordering :OD

  8. shakla 7ilo!! will try it soon inshalla 😀 thanks Ansam!

  9. Looks all good!!! Bel3afia!

  10. I’m definately trying it out!!

  11. They’re Singaporean noodles mo 9ej!! I’m loving itt

  12. yumm…im gona try it out..i love the way the appetizers look!!plus the menu has a good selection to choose from

  13. عليج بالعافيه

    لازم اجربه

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  16. I tried it !
    I loveeee burgers!
    W their burger is the beest
    Chethe 3bra 3an shay juicy
    Olatheeh kalait 2 mini burgers wmashba3t;$

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