New Style Abaya

Whadya think???

Would you go for this style or approve of it?

Yes or No?

46 responses to “New Style Abaya

  1. No…abaya is a veil…the word abaya describes decency and purity..something tht our religion is about…the above style while covering is still revealing alot..besides…whts the point of wearing an abaya when by the very act of wearing one…one is attracting everybodys attention?!?

  2. NOO!! Ewwww ,, didnt like them at all !

  3. It doesn’t serve the purpose of 3abaya!
    That’s a No-no for sure.

  4. اكيد نووووو


  5. hmmm…. why’d somebody classify it as an ‘abaya’ is beyond me, it just looks like a new-style tunic+close fitting pants and a matching scarf along with it all…
    aside from that, an abaya’s generally considered to serve modesty/hijab purposes… and this kind of garment just looks like a new fashion fad, nothing ‘hijabic’ about it I say.

  6. hell no !!
    is that 3abaya wla ma95ra ;/

  7. Ok it really beats the main conept of an abaya !
    You wear an abaya to cover up not to show off !

  8. على قوله البنيات : اي شي صح اي شي

  9. that’s badla not abbaya.. 7ada la 😛

  10. this is totally the opposite of abaya! y should i suffer with all that? not wear an abaya is better!

    an abaya is suppose to cover, not like this.. ufff wts with ppl! ya tet7jboon ya ma tet7jboon! mo n9 n9!

  11. the other day as i was leaving work on a dustly and windy day .. my friend who was wearing dishdasha and qutra talatham (covered mouth and nose with qutra) and I thought .. this white dishdasha and qutra was really designed for such weather … on the other hand looking at some nearby women wearing the Abaya … i thought well this was designed either for the women to stay at homw or sneek at nites … its not meant for the day … so its time to change the Abaya … but definetly not with the above change!

  12. youm min ilayaam bisawoon 7jab shafaaf :/

  13. whats wrong with her !!
    1- i hate the abaya thing shes wearing with all that materials around it !!
    2- shes showing off or what !! whats the concepts of all these pictures ??
    3- i hate that show in pic no 6 mako ahlaaaaag !!
    4- if shes from a royal family whay shes showing off like that , ? shno mo shayfa 5er 🙂 7mdelah shyoo5na oo she5atna mako methlhom bel twath3

  14. Those 3abayas are as unnecessary as the collection of Hermes berkins in every color that she has!

  15. i kinda like it


  17. i like them ! bs i’d wear it as badlaa 7ag erme’9an mo 3abayaa

  18. ok I agree with all above comments this this isnt the true definition of “abaya”..since abaya means 7ijab n all that.
    but in some gulf countries, abaya does not mean simply is a cultural thng….if ur a local n dnt hav a abaya on then ud b the odd 1 out….
    so 4 girls in Dubai…and qatar maybe…abaya is worn by those mt7ajbat n not mot7ajbat….we hav girls here in dubai with abaya on alone…without coverng their heads…that may b strange in q8 but its quite often here…so 4 those type of ppl i find the above approrpriate..
    like i said over here abaya is a cultural thng more than religion……..its sad..but true.

  19. يبا شفيكم هذول عبايات قطرية مادري اماراتية
    واهمه مناك يلبسون العباية كتقاليد عكسنا بالكويت
    مني اذا الوحدة تبي تحتشم تلبس عباية واذا بتكشخ تلبس بدلة
    واهما بهالعبايات يبون يكشخون فهمتوا؟؟
    وعلى فكرة العبايات عجبوني حق يمعه ورمضان بس مو حق طلعه
    مشكورة انسام

  20. people who say she is showing off instead of covering more….are you kidding ? she is completely covered at least she has some veil on ya “moslmeen”

    i think what is she doing is great making some changes esp for countries like ksa or qatar where women are expect to were all back all the time.

  21. they have to call it. kool peeple Abaya!

  22. I personally think wearing a casual jeans outfits will make a woman look more DEMURE than wearing such 3abaya – so they claim- !!

    as in for the showcase! with the hermes !& the yacht! & the ferrari! & the bently!!!!
    “Nouveau riche”!!! :p

  23. Mafroth 3abaya for setir ! Yet She’s not metsatra , but madri laish I loved how she’s wearing the 3abaya !for her it’s only a tradition with style.

  24. HELL NOOOOO! looool

  25. A new innovative way to show off her legs without taking off the Abaya… BIG FAT NO!!!

  26. عجبوني راقيين وحلوين بس البسهم لرمضان او يمعة وزوارة مو لطلعة بس ايوون معاهم السيايير هههمشكورة انشام

  27. You know, with all the heat & direct sun light, why not make a typical 3abaya that is white?

  28. NO all the way!

  29. Too flashy, revealing. I don’t mind wearing them in Ramadan for a visit… But I think it would be too hot.

  30. Dear The Abaya Designer,

    There is no doubt that you have the talents and touch of art that are clearly visible in those lines. However, because Abayas are meant and will always mean to cover up your assets, the participants above are trying to say that you can always be creative with Abayas by being SMART not to provoke the culture and the purpose of the Abaya. I personally liked them but wouldn’t wear them in public or as Abayas. Lets all try to encourage her/he to bring them in a better/smart concept, and we will all support you dear.

    Good luck to you! We are waiting to see the great of your collections! 😉


  31. haw!
    shino hatha ba3ad!

  32. This is trash what’s the point! Even the 3abat lost it’s value it’s character it’s mean! Sigh

  33. Interesting feedback with the majority voting NO to it!

  34. ya3 ya3 ya3 ” I’m starting ya3ya3 campaign :p”
    WTH? shinu hal-ma95ara? a7la shay 3abaya was3a sada bass 🙂

  35. This was an abaya fashion shoot done for a magazine, she’s a model and the pictures were taking at The Pearl island, where they have hermes boutique, bentley showroom etc. hence all the birkins and bentleys 🙂

  36. I Personally wouldn’t wear it, because we don’t have to wear abayas in Kuwait.

    i don’t think it’s meant to cover, it’s just a fashion statement for those countries where wearing Abaya is part of their custom, like Saudi, Qatar and UAE, they are not necessarily wearing a hijab. Very innovative and modernized, good for them, especially for the young fashionistas.

  37. ok….
    i don’t think i would wear it..
    but i agree with B…
    if u are for some reason forced to wear it.. then i think these would be good alternatives…

  38. I think it look good and deserves a try … wear it and post some pictures ;D

  39. It does look good but I hope girls don’t abuse it like ordinary 3abaya ;p

  40. هل عبايات حلوين حق يمعة بنات او مناسبات بنات

    بالكويت مايلبسون عباية كله الا فئه من الناس

    بقطر الامارات وايد يلبسون عبايات وهل لبس بيكون كله حق حفلات ومناسبات خاصه مو حق شارع

    بس لازم الدعاية تكون جذي ملفته للانتباه ولا شلون الناس بتقول حلوه

    كله بصوب ولا هرمز بكل الوانها 😛

  41. السلام عليكم
    أخواتي أرجو منكن أن لا ترتدين مثل تلك العباءات ، الهدف من العباءة هو الستر إذا الوحدة ما تبي تتستر لا تلبس عباة بس أما انها تلبس عباة تلفت النظر ولاما تسترها !!!!
    الله المستعان
    والله يستر على بناتنا وبنات المسلمين

  42. total no no!!
    wayed 5arebaw haaibet el 3abayaa
    they’re just doing this cuz the 3abaya is the only outfit they were fa ga3da ehawlon feeha wejarbon!

  43. Dana87 – she’s not from the royal family! she’s just modeling you got it all wrong sis.

    i am a qatari girl and we do not wear abayas like those. But qatari’s wannabes do.
    I agree with those who said those abayas are for ym3at and stuff.

  44. He’ll noo. , they made a fashion out of abaya ,, but in actual abaya is a seter for a girl like not a show

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