Enjoy – Enjoyed Again ;-)

I went to Enjoy again and wanted to update you all of the new dishes I tried there! For appetizers, we ordered Chicken Rocks and Crispy Shrimps

Both were so good! The chicken is spiced in a very unique way… I could not tell if it was ginger or something else! They tasted so good.

This time I went ahead and ordered the Back Yard burger, not bad at all… the beef patty is juicy, and their buns changed since the last time I was there (link), though I prefer the Swiss Mushroom to this one 😉

I really wanna try more and more of their dishes, but I have been into burgers lately… ever since I have decided to start a diet, burgers would cross my mind ALL the time… every friggin minute hahaha and they are so worth it!

Anyways… here is Enjoy’s map

Enjoy is located in Salmiya next to Marina Residence and Marina Mall, and their Tel # is 2573-7573 | 2573-9573

Enjoy’s Menu on KTPD (link)

12 responses to “Enjoy – Enjoyed Again ;-)

  1. yumm!! I should try it!!


  3. al burger shaklha QAWEEEEEEEEEE
    do they delever?

  4. ansam 7adich 7adich 7adich shawagteeni lol i’m so ordering this.

  5. abeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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