Seafood BBQ Day at Home

I am back with one of my random food posts from home 😉 We had a seafood BBQ feast last Friday…

The menu was a selection of fruit of the sea and meid fish

Crabs and calamari….

BBQ meid

The table was full, the weather was nice, the smell was such a tease, specially for the seafood lovers

Oh and did I mentioned the grilled shrimps?

Check out the seafood medley in this dish 😉

and of course… BBQ Tea (chay 3al fa7am) – tea cooked slowly on charcoal brazier

God bless my family ❤

5 responses to “Seafood BBQ Day at Home

  1. Thanks 🙂

  2. allah la ye5lech 🙂

  3. Shyain 3adil! 3laikum bl3afyah 😉

  4. I love mullet (meid).

  5. Bl3afya ansaaaaaaaaam 😉
    Looks nice 😉

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