Bombay Palace

If you’re into Indian food, then Bombay Palace is a place not to be missed while in London….

The restaurant looks so small from the outside, but once you are in you can see that its more spacious than you thought. The staff are friendly but somewhat slow in service!

We were four…. my dad, Luluscious, her sister Sara, and I! It took them a while to take our orders and then quite sometime to have the food on the table and then it took them a bit longer than expected to get us the check! Nevertheless, the food was GOOD!

As usual… we were served papad with three different dipping sauces… one of things I LOVE when dining in an Indian restaurant! It was all fresh and aromatic. The papad was not too oily 😉 – somehow I have no picture of our appetizers… which I dont remember well, but I know we had samosa

Here are our dishes…. rich in flavor, spices, color, taste, and aroma of spices! Beautiful! I LOVE Indian food ❤ – well…. when its not too spicy!

We had okras, butter chicken, biryani rice, and Jeera Pulao (my favorite kind of Indian rice cooked with cumin)

We were so full and when we asked for the check, the manager insisted we try their Gajar Ka Halwa (dessert made of condensed milk and carrots) – and boy oh boy! I am glad he insisted because it was just AMAZING! I LOVED IT… and I am gonna try to make my own version of it 😉

Bombay Palace is located in 50 Connaught St (Contact Details here)

Average price per person is around GBP30

7 responses to “Bombay Palace

  1. that halwa looks delicious! no, scratch that.. everything looks scrumptious!

  2. بالعافية 🙂

  3. كتبت كومنت واختفى

    احب هالمطعم كل مره نروح له


  4. Where is the location of the restaurant ?

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