Jamie’s Italian

After walking around the city of Guildford, we decided to have late lunch/early dinner at Jamie’s Italian!

It was nicely decorated… it was my first time at Jamie’s Italian! As we were walking to our table, I saw one of the chefs preparing fresh pasta – fresh pasta made in house 😉

I scanned through their menus, I looked for pizza selection and there weren’t any! The thing is that I like freshly made pizzas and hate the junk ones, so I was kinda surprised not to find any on their menu… moving on…

We ordered different appetizers; Italian Nachos (made of cheese stuffed ravioli and salsa), mushroom/chestnut baked in the oven, bruschetta, calamari, and olives on ice

The appetizers were all GOOD! So good…. and actually light! I liked the baked mushrooms one so much! And now moving on to their main courses

I ordered the prawns in chili sauce with linguine pasta…

It was a bit tasteless to be quite honest! I mean the pasta was good and fresh, the tomato sauce was okay, not a strong taste of chili… and although garlic was mentioned, I could not feel it a bit.. It was an okay dish, something you would have from diet food provider! I also ordered Funky Chips as a side, which was by the way fabulous! Fried and then sprinkled with olive oil, garlic, and herbs ❤

Other dishes I managed to snap pictures of were ravioli with cheese and mushroom, their burger, and I was told the ravioli was good, but the burger wasnt all that!

And now the highlight of our dinner was this FABULOUS dessert recommended by Aunt Sh. (THANK YOU!!) Its brownie filled with raspberry, comes in warm with a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream ❤ ❤ ❤

And another dessert, pecan pie, which was good too… I forgot to snap a picture before we attacked it 😉

All in all it was an nice night out with amazing company… the staff of Jamie’s Italian, Guildford, were extremely friendly, specially our waiter!

Would I go again to Jamie’s Italian? Most probably, but not on this trip… I wanna try out other places you know 😛

15 responses to “Jamie’s Italian

  1. Hani o 3afyah! looks good 9arra7a! But I’m at work and hungry as hell right now!

    Walaht 3ala London!

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  3. ansam , 9ij 9ij sa3balt , sa3abeli gaamat tha6el , shaakel al7een?

  4. Ana kaleet feeh b London, westfeild, oho ma63am alchef jamie oliver ,, latheeeeeth

  5. bel3afyaa ansam 🙂
    I’ve been there 4 times the second time i was disappointed with the food bas then kel shay 9ar OK .. in ur next visit i recommend for the main course pasta with tomato sauce and anchovy, the lamp shops or fish in a bag

  6. Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!

  7. Yummy!!!
    Ansam im in class … Ur killing me here 😉

  8. now THIS looks good!

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