Warnham (Horsham) & Guildford

Few days ago, I went with my best friend Lulu and her mom to visit their relatives in Warnham Village in Horsham, a district of west Sussex.

The place is quite nice! So peaceful and the residents of the village are so welcoming and friendly! We took a walk around the area… its just breathtaking! The leaves changing colors to beautiful shades of brown, yellow, red… and purple too!

Gotta admire the different colors of nature!

Check out those tomato looking thingies… how small they are!!

Then we took a drive to Guildford… it was a bit crowded with everyone busy buying Christmas gifts and shopping around… we managed to get a parking on the 10th floor of a public parking lot!

And thats just Santa acting silly in Ted’s shopping window 😛

Its also a nice area to walk around – I bet its as nice, if not nicer, in the summer as well 😉

I was having such a great time with a greater company!

For dinner we headed to Jamie’s Italian – so stay tuned for my following post 😉

8 responses to “Warnham (Horsham) & Guildford

  1. Happy to see you enojoyed yourself in England.

  2. Amazing pics i love them!! 😀 GJ!

  3. Great pictures. Were these shot by the Canon SX30 IS? I better get one :))

  4. Beautiful time of the year…lovely colors 🙂

  5. great pictures ansam i love it 🙂

  6. I love nature in autumn 😀

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