Corners of Passion, Brought to Life

From the strong belief and aim that the passion that drives their contributions and achievements is what we try to showcase here came Zawaya AlShaghaf (or corners of passion). The values of genuine interest and work, and other meanings is what they wish to celebrate!

This year they are trying to highlight the importance of not only the concept of Passion by celebrating different kinds of talents, but the concept of not judging a person by his/her colour, status or nationality through a short film. One should only be judged by the size of his/her heart and accomplishments.

“I am not my colour.. I am not my status.. I AM my passion”

To whoever is talented and is willing to participate in one of a kind talent show, all you have to do is send an email containing a picture or a video concerning your talent on our e-mail address:

استكمالاً لاحتفالية زوايا الشغف أحييناها .. نعود إليكم مجدداً لنعيش الشغف معاً

لمن لديه الموهبة و الرغبة في المشاركة ما عليه سوى إرسال فيديو أو صورة تخص الموهبة على بريدنا الإلكتروني

لمزيد من التفاصيل

الهاتف: 99146890 – 99146820

For more info check out their Facebook Page (link) or call 99146890 – 99146820

To know more about last year’s project, which I posted a video about, click here!

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