New 518 Sponsor – Java Detour

I am happy to announce my new sponsor, Java Detour 😉

I must say that their signature roast is one of the best! A MUST try for coffee lovers 😉

To read my review of the cafe, please click here!

7 responses to “New 518 Sponsor – Java Detour

  1. I had their coffee once in Jelai3aaa, i liked it walla

  2. Ansam, did they open at Bedaa yet?

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  4. Ansam now they open in alBedaa too ..^_^

    have u been there ?

    im waiting for a new reviw about java detour albedaa 😛

    in my opinion ,, it’s great place .. i really like it ..
    (b3d eljaw ta3addal halyoumain ,, falga3da outside wayed 7elwa ..)


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