About a month ago, I got to hear about Mutubtub,  through a presentation done by Pink Coffee team! and I was impressed 😉 Its a non-profit health campaign for kids, the first of its kind, in Kuwait!

Not only I believe in the campaign itself and how successful it will be, but I also believe in the minds behind it… two dear friends of mine; Abdullah AlEisa of LOfat and Shamlan AlBahar of Pink Coffee!

All the best to you guys 🙂

5 responses to “Mutubtub

  1. its such a cool and amazing idea!!

  2. Alah ewafijhom, i really admire these guys minds mashala

  3. btw if u zoom out enough Shamlan ilba7ar looks like he’s wearing bunny ears lol 😛

    just a stupid mula7atha ;Pp

    plz update us once its running 😀

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