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Chocolateness – The Shop!

Last week I met with the fantabulous team behind Chocolatness… The team that has been spoiling me and surprising me many many times with my favorite chocolate molten cake in K-Town! This is coming from me… and I am not a chocolate cake person, but this cake is something else 😉

We had a very nice talk all of us in their soon to be opened shop in Burj Jassem… we talked about the project itself and more! You guys are amazing and you are doing an amazing job! Towards the end, and before I left I was given a box of yummies!!!

It contained four different flavors; my favorite flavor, chocolate of course and my second favorite (very close to the chocolate one) is peanut butter, cinnamon, and caramel… which I came to know that the latter is made with high quality ingredients (cost them the most to make)

I remember tasting it for the very first time in a car boot sale with Rakan saying “Try the best molten cake in Town ya Ansam”… thats when I turned my head, walked toward their mini oven at the time and got hooked to this devilish cake served with their signature wooden spoon! That first bite was an unforgettable moment!

They told me of how their story started… how they used to take the calls and delivering orders themselves!

Wishing you guys the best and waiting for your official opening of the shop!

For more check out and LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Tel: 99906890 –  22960606. They now offer delivery service 9:00AM to 9:30PM daily 😀

The Bloom – Kuwaiti Short Movie

BioFilms, a group Kuwaiti Film makers, presents their newest short film: “The Bloom”


I LOVED IT! Its amazing! Great work you guys!

Thank you Salem Theyyab 🙂

Nour Al Huda
Yousef Al Qallaf
Sofana Al Shawwaf
Mohammed Al Ali
Hussain Al Rasheed

Written By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Music Composer:
Hussain Al Rasheed

Director of Photography:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Ahmed Al Terkait

Directed By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

For more, check out/Like their Facebook Page (link) – YouTube Channel (link)

We <3 Ruquaya AlQatami

Here comes another KRAFT Philadelphia Competition I urge you to check out again (first one here).

Bibi AlQatami, the granddaughter of Ms. Ruquaya AlQatami sent me an email earlier last week and I wanted to share and spread awareness about the issue!

Philadelphia Arabia is having a competition for the most inspiring woman in the Middle East and her grandmother was picked as one of the three finalist 😉 (link)

The grand prize will be for her organization, Hayat Cancer Foundation, which helps in funding and providing free chemotherapy for adults and children as well as helping them in their medical expenses.

We need all the votes we can get! And she deserves this win because she’s truly a remarkable women who has always put other’s needs and priorities before hers. A true inspiration to us all!!

I believe in this so much – as a matter of fact, I helped selling some raffle tickets for previous GulfRun events for this foundation! Anything for a good cause, right 😉

Spread love… Spread awareness 🙂

Nick Vujicic at GUST Speech

Here are the videos I promised to post of the speech I attended (link)



Nick Vujicic

I was invited and given VIP tickets by Wataniya Telecom via Zenith Media (thank you Assaf ;-)) to attend Nick Vujicic inspirational speech at GUST yesterday.

As we were seated.. they started with a Continue reading

Safa AlHashem & The Amiri Grant

Ms. Safa AlHashem, of Consulting Advantage, introduced a new way motivating the youth to be creative and productive with ideas that deals with community’s development!

She announced (via her facebook and twitter pages) that she is giving away her Amiri Grant for any young man/woman who offers the best creative idea! She will also work on funding the implementation of the winning idea. The last day to receive an idea is February 25th 2011.

How cool is that? 😉

ابتكرت سيدة الاعمال صفاء الهاشم وسيلة جديدة لتحفيز الشباب على الابداع وتقديم الافكار المميزة في تنمية المجتمع، فأعلنت عبر صفحتها في موقعي فيسبوك وتويتر عن تبرعها بالمنحة الاميرية السامية البالغة الف دينار كويتي لاي شاب او فتاة يقدم افضل فكرة خلاقة في تنمية المجتمع، فضلا عن تبني تمويل وتنفيذ الفكرة من الألف الى الياء.
وحظيت صفحتا الهاشم بإقبال شديد من المتابعين خلال ايام قليلة من انشائها، حيث بادر المئات الى المساهمة في تقديم الافكار والاقتراحات البناءة في مختلف مجالات تنمية المجتمع. وحددت الهاشم موعد الاحتفال بالاعياد الوطنية للبلاد كآخر موعد لاستقبال الافكار الجديدة


Follow her on Twitter for more (link)

Facebook (link)

Chef Mimi

“When I first joined, I was overwhelmed by the screaming in the kitchen, large
men, deep voices, screaming their lungs out. “FIRE!!!” I would hear
every 2 minutes, and I would think, “Where?? Where?? Why isnt anyone
freaking out??”. Then I started to understand the concept” – Maryam AlNusif

Who is Maryam AlNusif? She is a talented chef who is living her dream and selling her life to her passion… cooking that is, and where? At Nobu – her favorite restaurant…. not to mention that she also worked in both Ottolenghi and The Providores! So not only am I a fan of her and her work, but I strongly believe that she is an inspiration!

I came to know about Maryam from my friend Nour! We, Maryam and I, were supposed to meet in Kuwait while she was in town, but I was swamped with work, and Maryam was in town for a short period of time… so lucky for me, I got to meet her in Continue reading

Chef Ahmed AlBader – Interview on Khaleejesque

Just read about it on iLSuL6ana!

Born and raised in Kuwait, AlBayan Bilingual School graduate, Ahmed Al-Bader always had an interest in the culinary arts. After graduating from high school he decided to attend the Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island to pursue his passion. The accreditation of majors and universities played a huge role in determining his education since during the time of his studies, the Ministry of Higher Education did not offer scholarships for majors in the Culinary Arts, and neither was Johnson and Wales a credited university in the State of Kuwait. It was then that Al-Bader decided to transfer to Suffolk University in Boston where he majored in Finance and minored in Marketing.

To read the full article, click here 😉

Corners of Passion, Brought to Life

From the strong belief and aim that the passion that drives their contributions and achievements is what we try to showcase here came Zawaya AlShaghaf (or corners of passion). The values of genuine interest and work, and other meanings is what they wish to celebrate!

This year they are trying to highlight the importance of not only the concept of Passion by celebrating different kinds of talents, but the concept of not judging a person by his/her colour, status or nationality through a short film. One should only be judged by the size of his/her heart and accomplishments.

“I am not my colour.. I am not my status.. I AM my passion”

To whoever is talented and is willing to participate in one of a kind talent show, all you have to do is send an email containing a picture or a video concerning your talent on our e-mail address:

استكمالاً لاحتفالية زوايا الشغف أحييناها .. نعود إليكم مجدداً لنعيش الشغف معاً

لمن لديه الموهبة و الرغبة في المشاركة ما عليه سوى إرسال فيديو أو صورة تخص الموهبة على بريدنا الإلكتروني

لمزيد من التفاصيل

الهاتف: 99146890 – 99146820

For more info check out their Facebook Page (link) or call 99146890 – 99146820

To know more about last year’s project, which I posted a video about, click here!

Wave of Change


Zawaya is about to launch its latest campaign entitled ”Moujat Attaghyeer” (translates into ”Wave of Change”) in association with young men and women eager to contribute to raising awareness for peace, tolerance, respect, and investing in one’s talents. The campaigns videos can soon be viewed on You Tube under Moujat Attaghyeer or Wave of Change (link)

من هنا سنبدأ لأننا أصحاب مبدأ

مقولة أطلقها مجموعة من الشباب الكويتي ، فبالإصرار والعزيمة على أنهم شباب اليوم والغد والمستقبل ، يداً واحده نحو ” التغيير للأفضل ” ، سلاحهم هو طاقتهم ، وذلك عن طريق تأسيس حملة شبابية كويتية تطوعية وهي حملة (( موجة التغيير)) التي انطلقت مؤخرا في كويتنا الحبيبة ، فهي حملة إعلامية تطوعية شبابية تصب في توعية الشباب والمجتمع بصورة عامة ببعض القيم والمبادى الانسانية ومبادئ المواطنة وبالتحديد التسامح ونبذ التعصب، السلام ونبذ العنف، احترام القانون، الإخلاص في العمل، العطاء، والاستثمار في الموهبة والاهتمامات الذاتية. حان الوقت للاستثمار في ثقافة مجتمعنا وتشجيع الطاقات الشبابية ، كذلك تغيير وجهة نظر المجتمع في الشاب الكويتي بشكل خاص ، وهذه الأهداف ننوي تحقيقها من خلال مجموعة مشاهد تلفزيونية وإعلانات إذاعية وإعلانات الطرق ،ومن جهة أخرى سنسعى لإقامة ندوات توعوية للشباب في الكليات والمعاهد وكذلك إقامة مجموعة من الأنشطة التي تساهم في دعم مواهب الشاب الكويتي ، ونتمنى أن نؤثر من خلال هذه الحملة على المجتمع وأن نترك بصمة واضحة لدى الشاب الكويتي والمجتمع والشعور بأن موجة التغيير موجتهم وحملتهم.

You can also check their facebook group for more info (link)