Help Pakistan

I was contacted by a very nice gentleman, Mohammed, who sent me the following message:


I would be very happy if you post this, its Ramadan and you get good deeds to things like this. As you know the people of Pakistan are suffering from a flood that damaged their property and their lifestyle for years to come.

The poor people of Pakistan are at hard times right now with floods destroying their homes. It’s our responsibility to help out other fellow humans in need. Let’s help out Pakistan like we did for Haiti.

Donations are through The Islamic International Donation Association (IIDA). you can donate by sending an sms to the following numbers. The sms value is K.D. 1

Zain – 99994

Wataniya – 1922

VIVA – 525

Giving charity is not just helping people in need it’s also thanking God for what you have and prevents bad things happening to you.

Pakistani flood is neglected when compared to the Haiti media coverage and donations, so please if you can post this on your blog (Jazakum Allah Khair)”

So after few inquiries about this and whether we can donate zakat to them, I get this:

بالنسبة لاخواننا الباكستانيين
يرجى توجيه الزكاة والصدقات والوصايا والأوقاف والتبرعات الى منكوبي الفيضانات وكذلك توجيه زكاة الفطر اليهم
ومن اخرج زكاته لهذا العام فله ان يعجل زكاته للعام القادم لباكستان
وأحث على من يريد العمرة في رمضان ان يوجه نفقات العمرة الى إخوانه في باكستان فإغاثتهم واجبه والعمرة سنة
د. خالد المذكور

Let me try my best to translate this to you

For our fellow Pakistanis in need, kindly direct your zakat, charity, and donations to the victims of the flood, as well as Zakat AlFitr, and you may also  pay zakat for them from next year’s! I urge those who are willing to perform Umrah in Ramadan to direct expenses to their brothers/sisters in Pakistan to help them with their ordeal, and Umrah is Sunna.

Dr. Khaled AlMathkour

Thank you Mohammed & Thank you Tasneem

7 responses to “Help Pakistan

  1. You can donate online to Pakistan through the UNICEF too:

  2. 7araaam! wallah yistahloon kil mosa3ada!!

  3. Excellent post, i didnt know about this….. walla ow yetem ow yekbar eb 3aini hal blog il 6ayeb.

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