Lorenzo AlSalhiya – First Impression!

Yes people… it was my first time ever at Lorenzo Al Salhiya 😛 Anyways… It was a day of shopping at Salhiya and then an early dinner in Lorenzo… just few days before Ramadan!

As usual, they get you started with their yummy fresh-out-of-the-oven bread selection

We shared a Caesar Salad (plain) – gotta admit its one of those salads that I dont mind eating when you come to think of it as lettuce and dressing! Hehehe still is one of my favorites

My cousin ordered penne pasta with marinara sauce

While I made a BIG mistake skipping all their yummy dishes that I love and went ahead with their Burger in Focaccia Bread

Big mistake! There wasnt anything special about it… the focaccia bun did not add anything to it, I actually took few bites and then decided to eat the burger minues the bread, not that there was anything special with the burger itself… I expected it to be much better and gourmet like… it wasnt even juicy!! The cheese on the burger, the cheese… OMG! It was something you would get off the racks in a coop! Picture say it all!

Lorenzo!!! This is NOT your quality! I demand a better burger!!!!

Totally off my list!!!!

Anyways, our total came to KD11.250

25 responses to “Lorenzo AlSalhiya – First Impression!

  1. Loooooks sooo yummmy 😀 bl3afia 3leekom

  2. Wow! What a coincidence, we dined at the Lorenzo in 360 this evening! And I agree, you shouldn’t have skipped their yummy stuff! The best part about Lorenzo is their delicious homemade pasta– yummmmmy!!! 😛

  3. yum!!!!!!!!!! I’m so hungry right now!!!

  4. stick to their pizza and escalopes..
    how about a list of best burger sandwiches in kuwt?? no fast food or ready made paties places plz!

  5. i went to lorenzo salhiya twice or so, the only thing i really like in the menu is the veal( i think its the one with lemon sauce). overall, their bread is absolutely terrible. its so dry and..unprofessional, you could say. i once ordered some sort of chicken sandwich, and it looked like the sandwiches you can buy for 100 at the co-op. totally overrated.

    • I LOVE their veal ❤ and I think with bread its total luck (with many restaurants, not just lorenzo) sometimes its fresh out of the oven, other times its microwave heated hehehe! Ya3ni laish they dont care about the presentation! This is important thing!

  6. You didnt have Tiramisu? My wife loves Lorenzo’s Tiramisu and I like their cheese cake 🙂

  7. Whoa Big Mistake … best kept secret in Kuwait is 360 Lorenzo’s Puff pastry blanketing tender veal, spinach, and a lovely mushroom sauce and accompanied by REAL mashed potatoes with a smidgen more of the mushroom sauce!!

    It is a definite must if you are a real “Foodie”.

    While we’re on the subject of Mashed Potatoes, the truffle Mashed Potatoes with Marscapone at OFK are to die for!!

  8. exactly big mistake .. who goes to lorenzo for a burger .. i bet they put that burger just to cater to people that don’t know how to eat .. next time try their hamour with dates and their roberto picatta along with their pizza and some fancy rolls for starters and polish it off with the typical chocolate cheese cake, oh and their lasagna is very good as well

  9. “i bet they put that burger just to cater to people that don’t know how to eat” <—– HUH!!!! maaaaashi!!
    God I said I skipped their yummy dishes which means I am familiar with their YUMMY DISHES! But I wanted to try their burger!!! tsk tsk tsk

  10. I went there a couple of times, and to their avenues branch as well, I think this restaurant is the biggest standing evidence that we lack the proper taste buds to judge restaurants. The restaurant is, bilkuwaiti il3amy, fashil, food wise. Their pastas, steaks, scalops, fries, almost everything is mediocre. Their pizza probably is the only thing worth eating there, not that it’s anything special either, just better than the rest of their menu (chocolate cheese cake excluded).

    I don’t know why people continue going their, maybe the name still carries some of it’s old glory from back in the day when their near-the-sheraton branch used to rule the scen.. or maybe the location is what attract people.

    I wouldn’t go there if I wasn’t with a group of people who want to dine there, but voluntarily? No way.

    O bil3afya 🙂

    agool, yemde7oon el vimto yogurt ib napket? shrayich feeh? 😛

    • Yes, I loved their old branch the most! I like their veal (although not cooked right at all times/in all branches) – Their chocolate cheesecake is a TO DIE FOR! I also, like you, LOVE their pizza….. And yeah we lack good Italian Restauranst!

      I like el vimto icy yogurt ma3anni mo zood ma3a el vimto hehehe! Bes I hardly go out to eat during Ramadan! Sa3ba 😛

  11. am not a fan of lorinzo la akel wala service
    bs ma 3alaih at least now you know that there burgers weren’t tasty
    3ashan ma t6lbena o entay yo3ana later

  12. How often do you eat out?

  13. LOOL ansam ma sewat 3alaich hel post 😛 Kaloooch! :p

    I second “Yousef” .. what’s so special about Lorenzo? I think their old location and “Maby” their new location crown them with the it place for “Gez” .. Foodwise seriously beside their pizza .. Sorry Ansam .. Here it comes :p



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