Now About Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel….

Three episodes of Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel were aired few days back about their trip to Morocco

Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Those episodes caused a stir which led to AlWatan Newspaper publishing an official apology on their paper (link)

Now my question is… was this apology necessary? I am not saying what they did was right or wrong… but the whole concept of this show is showing problems in the comical style… they even do it about Kuwait itself! I mean look at each family and each character… do you think they represent Kuwait correctly? Its all jokes…. good or bad, thats what the show is really about!

This year the show -overall- went a bit too far with mockery about everything! Not just Morocco! Do you know what I mean?

Lets not forget that its funny too and makes us laugh – instead of watching the very sad and dramatic TV series on TV (but I love Saher Ellayl this year)!

And believe me… I know if another country mocked Kuwait in the same manner… Kuwaitis will cause a stir also, so save it.. I am not taking sides here, nor saying the apology was (or was not) necessary… however, I’m leaning more towards that it was nice of AlWatan to apologize and take action/responsibility for whatever they caused!

But I wanna hear it from you 😉

22 responses to “Now About Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel….

  1. I personally think it was not necessary. People really need to lighten up, I mean, they are joking. I think the mentality is different than other parts of the world where satire is a normal everyday thing and people are used to expressing their opinions without backlash. People really make a big deal out of nothing.

  2. I think their apology was a must.

    In my opinion, they should talk about Kuwaits problems which are more important.

  3. The show as a whole is a joke, and I mean that in a bad way. It follows the same lame style of local plays in theaters: Mock everyone.

    There’re no genuine ideas, no constructive criticism, no proper goals to each episode.

    The best cartoons I’ve seen were the Emarati “Fireej” & “Sha3biyat Al Cartoon” — they discussed a problem and its solution and also showed how the government has enhanced local services.

    As long as Kuwaiti writers’ style and approach is to mock, they’ll remain shallow.

    As for the apology Al-Watan did, I’m glad they did it, because they do have to apologize. The TV station and their cartoon represents Kuwait and when they openly humiliate another country, it affects Kuwait.
    Yes, we know Morocco has a lot of corruption. But rather than pointing at other people’s mistakes, look at your own AND FIX THEM!

    Do you remember the episode where they showed a western person bribing MPs to show that bad things in Kuwait are happening due to external support?
    Ana agool khyasna min 3indina. Hal ashkal hathi 6la3at la2anna e7na bas ga3adna net7al6am bedoon ma nsawi shay.

  4. 451 Fahrenheit it

  5. المشكلة إن هالبرنامج خلاّ وزارة خارجية دولة الكويت بكبرها تعتذر
    والله عيب عليكم يالوطن

  6. The entire show is a disgrace.
    And really, does anyone actually laugh when they watch it?

  7. I don’t really laugh when I watch it, I get angry.
    I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion.

    The show went too far, whether it was about Kuwait or not.
    Some people think that what the people at Morocco did and how they reacted was over reacting, but I kind of am proud of them. Look at us, based on this show, Kuwait is full of lowlives, people who pretend to be religious but are the worst, people like the Bo Nabeel house, no comments needed….etc

    And I actually know some people who started thinking that way too, many people are like “It is real, this is what we live in.”

    It is another type of what Fajr Al Sa’eed was doing, wanting to show problems and fix them, but the only thing she succeeded at is teaching those who weren’t aware of the problems, how to get into them. And spreading our bad reputation in all of the other countries (trust me, you have no idea what all those countries around us think of our girls especially) thanks to Fajr Al Sa’eed.

    What Morocco people did wasn’t wrong, we need to learn and stop this mahzala of a program.

    And that’s just my opinion.

  8. I’m with snow about satire being a normal thing, at the same time I believe satires should be done in good taste, and unfortunately Bu Qetada & Bu Nabeel is no where near being in good taste; it’s a disgrace as 845e1 said and I agree with MBH about our shows in general (tv, theater, radio) being shallow

  9. Shda3wa ohma il 7een ma y6anzon 3laina.. Ma boga shy ma ygoln 3na..

  10. 3ziz,
    If people stole, would you do so as well?
    Ma namshi ma3 el ‘3ala6 7eta lo el kel mesha feeh.

  11. just compare this to the prophet’s drawings incident. non-muslims don’t consider him holy while muslims do. same thing with moroccans, they cinsider their country sacred while others don’t.

  12. I believe the apology came after Moroccans hacked the diwan website. Seriously makan la da3y yitmadon 3ala other countries, mashakilna itkafy wtzeed 3ala 30 episodes..I agree with Ali M. they are crossing the thin line between graceful satire and uncalled for harsh humor

  13. Regardless of what I think of that tv show and that channel specifically .. I think this issue was overated! Seriously has anyone seen any episodes if the simpsons? They mocked nearly everyone on earth it’s funny:p 
    I’m not saying al watan shouldn’t have apologized .. They should but in their name only mo wizarat ildakhiliya ibkubrha! 7esbeyallah 3alaihum thaye3aw haibat ldawla.. Besides the show is pointless I don’t find it funny or beneficial in any way .. Complete waste of time! Chan Zain 3ad m3a Hal 6naza we’re getting something out of the show! Sha6reen yit6anzon .. We can all do that.. Bas wain il7elol ?:) 

  14. Kuwaiti students in some arab country are mis-treated but that country does not say its sorry. Employee in kuwait embassy are beaten in some country but they are not sorry. We make a comedy cartoon and sensitive others are upset And all of a sudden we are sooo sorry. We need to stand up for ourselves more.

  15. I totally agreee with MBH…
    Our shows lack taste and sophistication. I do not laugh when I watch that show. It isn’t funny at all.

  16. I’d like to note: The apology should have come from Al Watan ONLY.
    If Morocco officially complained through its embassy, only then the Kuwaiti govrrnment would be obliged to apologize.

    A hacker’s view represents the people’s view not the country itself.

    Also, what if there was no hack on Al Diwan Al Amiri? Would the government have apologized?

    A tiny hacker/script kiddie made a fool out of the Kuwaiti government because there is no coordination or proper thinking between gov agencies.

  17. As a Moroccan , this so insulting to us coming from country who we share with same religion, there is no doubt that every country has its own issues and problems , and if a country like yours “Kuwait” has a very low percentage of poverty and unemployment which is the cause and the main issue in other countries that make people or men in your country or the golf region buy with their money young or even under age fact let me say the cartoon was more insulting to you as a country then us , it shows how men in the golf region are just pigs , shame on you and mind your own business.

  18. A Moroccan Lady

    There was actually an official complain from The Moroccan authorities.
    For more informations you can check this link :

    So the Kuwaiti gov appology is justified…

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  21. Apology is necessary when shows like these, which are viewed by the public give their view on Moroccans and feed it on to others. Most people will now think and believe that Moroccan women are like that when in fact…most of the people are not. That is my whole problem with this.

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