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KARKOOSHA Charity Boutique

KARKOOSHA proudly introduced their Charity Boutique a while back 😉

The process starts by exhibitors donating products and KARKOOSHA display them online (link)! ALL proceeds go to the Bayt Abdullah – Children’s Hospice.

I got this email from GulfRun team and thought of spreading the word 😉 Do the same please!

GulfRun will be having their second annual Charity Raffle during the GulfRun Car Show to raise money for the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. We had a successful year with support of our readers, blogs, sponsors, and GulfRun participants, and we hope to make it an even better year.

And this years amazing prizes include three powerful vehicles:

  • 1. Polaris Razor RZR800 from Seas & Deserts
  • 2. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine
  • 3. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine

Tickets to the raffle – which runs until January 15 – are only 5KD. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. The Ruqaya Al-Qatami Hayat4Cancer foundation was established in 2003 to offer support and medicine for cancer patients. The raffle draw will be on the second day of the GulfRun Carshow at 360 Mall on January 15th 2010 @ 8:00pm.

Please call 97118488 for tickets to supporting the cause and participating in the raffle.

We greatly appreciate your support for those who desperately need it.






SOHO <3 Animal Friends

Soho Salon is having a charity event at their salon on Friday in support of animal friends. They are donating proceeds to the charity. How wonderful is that? Getting pampered and for a good cause too!!! Do not miss it 😉

For more on Soho Salon, check out their Facebook Page (link) or drop them a visit on their blog (link)

Thanks Pam & Hana 😉 God bless you guys!

Help Pakistan

I was contacted by a very nice gentleman, Mohammed, who sent me the following message:


I would be very happy if you post this, its Ramadan and you get good deeds to things like this. As you know the people of Pakistan are suffering from a flood that damaged their property and their lifestyle for years to come.

The poor people of Pakistan are at hard times right now with floods destroying their homes. It’s our responsibility to help out other fellow humans in need. Let’s help out Pakistan like we did for Haiti.

Donations are through The Islamic International Donation Association (IIDA). you can donate by sending an sms to the following numbers. The sms value is K.D. 1

Zain – 99994

Wataniya – 1922

VIVA – 525

Giving charity is not just helping people in need it’s also thanking God for what you have and prevents bad things happening to you.

Pakistani flood is neglected when compared to the Haiti media coverage and donations, so please if you can post this on your blog (Jazakum Allah Khair)”

So after few inquiries about this and whether we can donate zakat to them, I get this:

بالنسبة لاخواننا الباكستانيين
يرجى توجيه الزكاة والصدقات والوصايا والأوقاف والتبرعات الى منكوبي الفيضانات وكذلك توجيه زكاة الفطر اليهم
ومن اخرج زكاته لهذا العام فله ان يعجل زكاته للعام القادم لباكستان
وأحث على من يريد العمرة في رمضان ان يوجه نفقات العمرة الى إخوانه في باكستان فإغاثتهم واجبه والعمرة سنة
د. خالد المذكور

Let me try my best to translate this to you

For our fellow Pakistanis in need, kindly direct your zakat, charity, and donations to the victims of the flood, as well as Zakat AlFitr, and you may also  pay zakat for them from next year’s! I urge those who are willing to perform Umrah in Ramadan to direct expenses to their brothers/sisters in Pakistan to help them with their ordeal, and Umrah is Sunna.

Dr. Khaled AlMathkour

Thank you Mohammed & Thank you Tasneem

NBK Iftar Banquets

NBK is set to host Iftar daily banquets during the Holy Month of Ramadan as part of an extensive social program specifically developed by NBK in concordance with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan and as a further testament of the Bank’s commitment to its social responsibility.

استكمل بنك الكويت الوطني استعداداته لإقامة “موائد الخير” لإفطار الصائمين وذلك في Continue reading