Recommended – Kiehl’s French Rosewater

Kiehls French Rosewater

Made with superb roses and imported French essence, then blended into natural water to use anytime as a freshener or body rub! It soothes skin, and the aroma is so relaxing!

Just moisten a cotton pad with it and apply to face, avoiding eyes, or splash directly on body šŸ™‚

This product is known for its tonic and deodorant properties. Rose Extract also aids in exfoliation.

And best of all… it suits all skin types šŸ˜‰

Kiehls French Rosewater Skintypes

Kiehl’s is located in the ground floor of Avenues Phase II (Read previous post/review)

8 responses to “Recommended – Kiehl’s French Rosewater

  1. I think you are promoting ALSHAYE3 products. Do you even have this thing?

  2. I love kiehls !
    I mostly use the face moisturizer=) but will give this a try=) thanks

  3. looooVe rose water
    i use the Co-op one ..add a little to my grean tea
    and spray it on my face it’s realy refreshing

    i will try the kiehls one

  4. Love the rosewater very excellent as a facial tonic. Keep it in the fridge the colder the more refreshing.
    Will check it out on my next shopping trip šŸ˜‰

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