Arabian Nights!

One of my favorite Disney Movies is Aladdin, I some times get some songs of the sound track stuck in my head for some odd reason 😛 YES! I still watch Disney!! *guilty*

I looked up the song on YouTube


And as I was singing it alone and got to the part that I did not like….

“Where they cut off your ear, if they don’t like your face… It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home”

I noticed the lyrics changed to;

“Where it’s flat and immense, and the heat is intense… It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home”

I played it over and over! I was sure it was taken off! So I googled it and to my surprise it was changed looooooooong time ago by the American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (read more here). I know it’s not new to many of you, but I really didn’t know that till now! Nice move 😉

Below is the video of the original song before changes were made


14 responses to “Arabian Nights!

  1. I love Disney,,, i still visit Disney store whenever im in UK.. guilty as charged but Disney have always me happy taking me into a magical place of my mind…

    My three fav movies are 1-Alladin 2-Little Mermaid 3- Mulan…

    o alladin’s song? i have them memorized! I can even play part of “I can show you the world” on the piano!

    I remember a million years ago… before Alladin movie was released, that there was some controversy regarding the first verse of the opening credit and how it didnt even make it to the movie theatre in some place until it was changed… it was all over the papers back then -before the internet- i didnt know you can watch the original song on youtube 😀

  2. I actually like the old version better.. its a song.. so what if we cut off ears if we dont like the person’s face? hehe

    bas in the edited version its not the same guy singing.. wa7ed thani.. the voice is a bit. different.

    • Its all about the message you send and implement in Kids’ minds. I am glad that there are such committees that oversees this better than you and I 🙂

  3. Who doesn’t watch Disney or any sort of other cartoons. But my Disney favorites are the oldies, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Fox & The Hound, Fantasia, The new ones Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, and The Lion King.

  4. it shows you that disney always have subliminal messages in all their movies, this one was a portrayal of arabs the way the west saw them.

  5. gosh i love disney toooo 😀 n i still watch all kindsa cartooons 😀

    n im happy that was changed! i so didnt know about that changed part! zain a7sn! hehe

    i was singling little mermaids song today :p

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  7. Ohhhh Ansam, you have brought me to the old days.
    Regarding to the discrimination, I didn’t see any of that in the original song.
    What I want to point here is that we, the Arab, know our culture and tradition better than any one, yet we can’t produce a movie like Aladdin

  8. I love Disney movies. Here is something really interesting:

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