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Glee’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy -Season 7, episode 18- introduced a new concept to the series; a musical episode titled “Song Beneath The Song”! As we, the fans of Grey’s Anatomy, knows how music/sound track plays a huge role in the series and they’ve always chosen amazing tracks – at least I think so 😉

What did you think of it? Did you like it?

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The Bloom – Kuwaiti Short Movie

BioFilms, a group Kuwaiti Film makers, presents their newest short film: “The Bloom”


I LOVED IT! Its amazing! Great work you guys!

Thank you Salem Theyyab 🙂

Nour Al Huda
Yousef Al Qallaf
Sofana Al Shawwaf
Mohammed Al Ali
Hussain Al Rasheed

Written By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Music Composer:
Hussain Al Rasheed

Director of Photography:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Ahmed Al Terkait

Directed By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

For more, check out/Like their Facebook Page (link) – YouTube Channel (link)

Lost In Translation!

In episode 16 of Gossip Girl season IV, Chuck tells Lily in one of the scenes: Lily, once again… I’m sorry!

Caption translated Lily to (زنبق) The flower name in Arabic!

Blair’s new Minion does it again in that same episode (in translation)…. زنبق همفري

Even worse? When Serena tells her brother I will be right back!!! سأكون الظهير الأيمن

Much more on that episode! I just got those three for you! LOL


What is Gossip Girl Saying in the Introduction?

She starts by: “Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” and then after the summary (of previous episode(s)) she says something! I cant quite get the first sentences so I googled it and got a couple of answers…

Where has she been, Serena?
And who am I?
That’s one secret I’ll never tell.
You know you love me.
xoxo… Gossip Girl

Why isnt she answering?
And who am i?
That’s one secret I’ll never tell.
You know you love me
xoxo, gossip girl

Kuwait International Film Retreat

The Kuwait International Film Retreat started yesterday and will be on until Friday, April 8th 2011

Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini of Zain Telecom sent me an email about the event, he explained that this is the first time we have something like a film festival in Kuwait where we have a red carpet and celebrities attending the event 😉

A Kuwait Young Film Contest will be under the umbrella of the Film Retreat. This means that all the participants of the Kuwait Young Film Contest will have a chance to shine during the Film Retreat.

The Kuwait Film Retreat will make the impact required for an event that will be recognized worldwide keeping the 3 days event up and running 24/7.

Location will be Hilton Al-Mangaf and the Al-Kout Mall Cinemas.

Workshops, Red Carpet Events, and FilmPremieres will take place at the Hilton Resort in Mangaf.

You can check out the schedule here (link)

Sout Alsahara

The producer of the new upcoming show Sout Alsahara sent me an introductory email about the show, which is basically a singing competition show that will be aired on Al Shahed TV in April.


The registration door is now open for both males & females to apply.

More info here (link)

Thanks AlJawhara 😉

VolksWagen Commercial: The Force

Just saw this ad on 4th Ring and wanted to share it with you 😉


Yeah… Uh Huh! Sure!!


Grey’s Anatomy – Season 7 Cover!

I got to see the first four episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (pirated copy as you see) not too long ago! The cover caught my attention LOL! Seriously? Is that the cover to have for season 7??? 😛

Le Waka Waka

Stolen from my friend’s  facebook wall 😛 (Thanks Alia S.E.)


What do you think?