Between hair and skin care, I have to admit that I have tried few brands throughout the years. I have been a loyal Shiseido customer for over 10 years. It was the first brand ever I tried when I first started taking care of my skin and hair! From their shampoo to lotions and masks… you name it! I have also tried Kanebo while using Shiseido, and alternated between the two sometimes. It was just a couple of years back when I have decided to shop around for something new!

Then I switched to Freeze 24.7, good stuff… but not addictive. I have also tried some of Fekkai hair product lately. Awesome stuff!

It was just too recently that I have decided to make the FULL switch to Kiehl’s! I mean I have been using some of their stuff from here and there… time to time. Whenever I travel and stumble upon a store, but it was limited to lotions and lip balms and such! But now the store is in Kuwait, it became easier for me to experiment around more with their products! And I am in LOVE!

Kiehls 00

Kiehls 01

Many of you know by now how much I appreciate a good presentation of food, products, merchandise, and simply everything that has to be on display somehow… This store is just SO INVITING and very appetizing! I made the switch instantly! Sorry Shiseido, Kanebo, 24.7, & Fekkai! No hard feelings you’ve all been SUPER with me but I have found a new love that I am ditching you for…

Kiehls 02

Kiehls 03

Amazing products.. I am still testing things around, but finding myself loving everything I have tried so far

Kiehls 04Kiehls 05

Kiehls 06

Oh those are so good… Now this is one of the products that I have tried once before my full switch, but now I am more hooked on it! Kiehl’s LIP BALM #1

Kiehls 07

And maybe to add some color for you, lip glosses…

Kiehls 08

Kiehls 09

Isn’t the place so inviting! I love the display! Very sophisticated

Kiehls 10

Kiehls 11

Ohhh and some baby products for you mommas πŸ˜‰

Kiehls 12

Oh and there he is!!! Mr. Bones! Do you see him in the background??

Kiehls 13

Kiehls 14

Now this is an example of good presentation… Rice & Wheat shampoo with actual display of rice and wheat…

Kiehls 15

Kiehls 16

Moving on between the things I have tried (purchased and got samples of – yeah, they give you samples generously)..

LIP BALM #1, which comes plain, vanilla, coconut, and mango. I tried all but not the mango one. As I said.. I have been using this before I got addicted to the store, and I highly recommend it! Its awesome (Check lip care)

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer (link)

Different Shampoos, and I honestly loved all a whole a lot but LOVED the olive fruit oil one… and so I got the mask along for it (click here & here)

Other shampoos that I tried and liked as well were Rice & Wheat and Herbal (link)

Kiehl’s French Rosewater Toner… leaves you as fresh as ever (link)

Plus many other samples that I am trying out and falling in love with for facial care, skin care, and more….

Now you guys… Kiehl’s is not only for women! They have a wide range for men too… face creams, shaving & post shaves goodies, body cleanser, toners, and many other stuff! There is NOTHING wrong with a man taking good care of his skin!

Now a note to all…. we do not mind throwing two-three digits+ numbers when shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, phones, gadgets… etc! Spend money on YOUR SKIN! Take care of your body! Your body is worth it πŸ˜‰

Kiehl’s is located in the Avenues Phase II on the ground level & their phone number is 2495-4553

Myline, the saleslady, was SUPER nice and helpful! She said that they’re open to suggestions and would love to hear from you! So drop a comment… or two πŸ˜‰


Official Kiehl’s website!

35 responses to “Kiehl’s

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  2. they have a very good shampo try it and ur hair will become very healthy im using their shampo and i love it !!!

    • In my review above I wrote that I tried three kinds of shampoos!! LOL shakkainaach! Ma geraitay el review πŸ˜› And which one did you use??? they have so many shampoos

  3. i always pass by it but never entered it
    don’t know why,
    bs shkla ywanns specially ennee a7eb hal ashya2

    • next time you pass by it…. go in and check the place out! The staff are super friendly and helpful! Go see Mr. Bone, just know that he is taken!! He is MINE πŸ˜›

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  5. Thanks Ansam .. i’m in love with it ! lol
    i’ll tell my mom inshallah . ” tmoot 3la ha-souwalif” πŸ˜›

  6. I switched to head & shoulders 15 years ago πŸ˜›

  7. Min jid the shop looks amazing! I will def. pass by… I love their products πŸ˜€

    • I went again today and got some of the stuff I had sample of … and again she gave me sample of shower gel and body lotion… along with many other stuff. The prices are really reasonable compared to other brands I tried πŸ˜‰

  8. You know I find the marketing and the look of the store here in Kuwait very intriguing but I actually never got hooked to any of their products. One hair product I’ve been hooked on to which is not nearly as famous and as loved as it ought to be is JF Lazartigue.

    Now tell me what’s great about Kiel’s shampoos? Is it the smell? Are they known to be good for oily or dry hair? Have you noticed a change in the texture of your hair after using them?

    • My friend is in love with JFL. She swears by it πŸ˜‰

      Okay here is the deal. My hair is straight and little bit longer than shoulder length. I have been growing it doing less trimmings that I usually do (my hair was SHORT bob for over a year hehehe) so I tried the olive fruit oil shampoo is for damaged hair. The smell is amazing and the after effect is soft hair.

      I also tried the rice & wheat which is also as great.. and the herbal for oily hair is awesome. Someone asked me if I had done any oil treatments (7amam zeit) lately because my hair is shiny… so its shinier too.

      Keep in mind that I am the kind of person who does not like strong smells or very fruity ones (strawberry, orange, grapefruit and such) I am more of guava, olive oil, fig, apple… ya3ni softer and fresh smells

  9. One of my family friend gifted me Kiehl’s hand & body lotion… aloevera +oatmeal+cucumber and grapefruit….
    Love the cucumber… Must say it’s amazing!

  10. kiehls is awsome! i love it!

    good choices πŸ˜‰

  11. yeas I agree about some of the products, although the lip gloss I found to be very oily and slid off my lips! Maybe it’s my lips πŸ™‚
    Anyway want to share with you an awesome product range called Image…will not go into detail but you should check it out, they have an amazing lip enhancer, completely organic, I know they are available at soho and not sure where else. Do some research into this, and see for yourself.

    • hahaha I find it very very good…. overnight, my lips were softer, I swear!!

      I will search that product online. But if its sold in one place (Soho Salon and Spa) then I will pass cuz its really far :-S

  12. I’ve tried the facial toner and it is amazing , i also tried one of the body lotions and i loved it so much.

    How about the facial tinted moisturizer ? I use lancome these days so if it is any good i just might switch.

    • I got the facial toner lately but did not try it yet.. I have the tinted moisturizer and I love it. Drop by and check it.. tell her you wanna try the tinted moisturizer and see how it feels. I got it instantly hehehe

  13. i read it bis enah baghait agolich enah 7dah zain !! w my frn ba3ad testa3mlah w her hair nw a7san mn gebl ana assta3mal elle feh olive elle yegathi elhair

  14. I see a lot of Kiehls while traveling. Al7een shawagteeni 3alaih. Although I use known brands such as shesiedo. I’m still a loyal customer to this brand. πŸ™‚

  15. the disply 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeb ya5tech !

    a7s i wana buy kelshay πŸ˜€

    humm to be honest iv never heard of it.. coz i wasnt a person who took care of her skin !
    mdri i felt kelshay 6bi3i is better!

    i started now.. n found SK || most sutible for me.. i dont know.. i like it.. but lets complete a whole year with it first!

    • You should take care of your skin πŸ™‚ Their products are from natural ingredients.. Give them a try. If you dont mind, please provide me with a link to the SK brand?

  16. i LOVE kiehl’s! in all the stores i’ve been to, the staff have been very generous with the samples if you want to try a few things. the lipbalm is great for cuticles too, btw!

  17. Their lip balms are the best!

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