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French Toast at Baskin Robbins

I love Baskin Robbins’ flavor of the month – French Toast!

I asked for a taste… but could not resist getting one… and for some reason I felt it should be in a cone!

It is SO GOOD! So good that it can be my breakfast for the next couple of days LOL! Come on!!! Its French Toast, so why not!! With those chunks of toast and syrup flavor! Oh YUMM!

Too bad I discovered it yesterday and we only have three days left for this flavor of the month! I loved red velvet flavor which was introduced earlier this year… Now let’s see what May is holding for us 😉

Lofat Tweets!

@LofatGroup is now active 😉 They are giving daily health tips on both their Twitter and Facebook pages using Arabic & English

They are also asking questions on Twitter and collecting points for their followers for weekly competitions! Nice 😉 The questions asked are general health questions as well as info hunting of their items from their menu…

Or simple as taking a picture of whats in front of you! Fun 😉

Don’t miss it 😉

For more, follow them on twitter @LofatGroup or LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Recommended: label.m Session Hair Up Brush

Whenever I go to Toni & Guy for a haircut/color, my stylist -Alison- likes to try a new look on me. We tried so many looks, the beach sun-dried hair look, the wavy, curly, straight, super straight… etc!

I remember she used a special kinda brush at one of those visits… with unusual bristles! It kinda look like the brushes they use to comb horse hair, but smaller and thinner!

I asked her yesterday about it… while having my haircut, and she told me its now available for sale at the salon!

This is from Lable.M Store online:

“A specialised birch wood brush created for editorial and session stylists looking to create any hair up styles, from neat ponytails and chignons to avant-garde creations. Made from a blend of anti-static boar bristles and strengthening nylon, backbrushing becomes easier allowing for masses of volume. The curved body is designed to follow the head shape for optimum precision.”

Selling for KD7.100 in the salon 😉

I <3 Froobie & Choowy Goowy Cafe

Every time I go to 52 Degrees (every single time) I have to get myself a medium size cup with two side-by-side icy yogurt flavors from froobie!

First time it was watermelon and peach

Second time it was watermelon and original – I ordered espresso this time too (check out the cute cup) and LOVED it… I think they use illy coffee if I am not mistaken! One of my favorites ❤

And last night it was again watermelon and Continue reading

I Like – Madly Yours

I only trust few few people to do my makeup for that I opt for simple looks but elegant in the same time… one of my friends, Lamia, is an excellent example! She knows my features very well… and I trust her! I swear I would just sit back and relax and let her do the works! I would tell her what I am wearing and she would do her magical touches – picture perfect!

She introduced Madly Yours makeup to me a while back… and ever since I got hooked up on some certain products!

Later on… we had the Madly Yours team come to our house in cooperation with Lamia -who organized the whole thing- for makeup session/tips and it was so much fun 😉 We invited our friends to the event and it was just great (link) – very private and cozy gathering 😉

So in this post I am planning to take you on a virtual tour with me in Madly Yours store 😉

The display of makeup is such a tease.. you wanna try anything and everything!

Shabby chic furniture with lots and lots of Continue reading

Recommended – Ultimate Choowy Dough Cookie

This amazing creation is available at 52 Degrees‘s Choowy Goowy Cafe 😉

It was first introduced to me by Noufa…

I loved it so much – We went again in less than a week to have another one with Luluscious

Its soft… its chewy, and it really is gooey! We ordered it with nutella chocolate filling and its just fabulous – and absolute tease for your taste buds!

Recommended – Cafe Royal Arousa

Cafe Royal in Salhiya Complex is a great place to chillax… I drop by sometimes for a cup of coffee or a quick bite. I met my cousin Noufa a while back and she recommended we share the Arousa Pie…

Which is made of your choice of toppings (up to four I think)!

The Za’atar is really good, and the labneh is outta this world! I always order this pie whenever I pass by in the morning there 😉

Recommended – KERASTASE Chronologiste

I got this KERASTASE Chronologiste hair treatment from Toni & Guy – Corniche. I have been using it for quite some time now and I love the results. Its deep conditioning treatment… the after effect on hair is silky smooth and shiny! The scent is very pleasant! Keep in mind that this is all coming from a Kerastase product devotee 😉

10 pumps of those pearls with two scoops of the creme… and it only needs 10 minutes before you wash it off 😉

Cons? Well… you dont get to see the results right away, I noticed the difference after the third time I used it.  And… its a bit expensive!

Price tag? KD37 – yeah, as I said! A bit on the expensive side!

For more about the product, click here!

Recommended – Prime & Toast Ricotta Pancakes

LOVE IT! First person that pops into mind when I ear it is Noon!

The ricotta addition to it is a total tease! I personally prefer waffles to pancakes, but this one gets me weak in the knees…. there is something about the ricotta in the pancake that makes it so moist yet so fluffy! I dont know how to explain it any other way!

Recommended – label.m Honey & Oat Shampoo

I was at Toni & Guy – Al Corniche last week and according to my loyalty card, I will get a free shampoo 😉 What did I pick? label.m Honey & Oat as per recommendation via twitter (link)

So I got it -if I am not mistaken, it sells at KD5.750- 😉

Its good to repair dry and dehydrated hair as well as giving hair moisture, strength, and natural gloss!

I have done my hair color with Emma – I did the two tone hair style 😉

Only colors I chose are different than the above. I went for chocolate brown top (roots) and caramel ends.. and I love it, but I also need to take extra care of my colored hair… Honey & Oat shampoo is great… been using it for almost a week and I love it 😉 My hair needs pampering, so why not you know! Plus the smell is Oh-So-GOOD!  I think I got the last bottle that day 😛 But you can still try your luck! Call them at 25663286

Facebook (link)

Twitter (link)