Ad – Nail Art!

What do you think of this ad?

Nail Art - Ad

It says “First time in Kuwait, print the picture of your loved ones.. or anyone on your nail”

What do I say? Bite your nail when you get angry at them 😛

Thanks Toomzie 😉

16 responses to “Ad – Nail Art!

  1. I don’t think this is a good idea… :S

  2. عيدك مبارك

    وكل عام وأنت بخير

  3. Humm !
    speechless ;/

  4. Oh no…!

    Happy Eid.

  5. hahahahay a7s fntega 😛

    3di kelyum shay yeded :p
    n yeah biting the head off would be good if ur pissed off :p

    mako sh’3l!

  6. I think It should be a NO NO post lol ;p

  7. I Second Saroona… Big NO NO ;p

  8. I don’t know if some one already said it. i’d like to get some pics on my left hand fingers .. 😀

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