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I Like – Madly Yours

I only trust few few people to do my makeup for that I opt for simple looks but elegant in the same time… one of my friends, Lamia, is an excellent example! She knows my features very well… and I trust her! I swear I would just sit back and relax and let her do the works! I would tell her what I am wearing and she would do her magical touches – picture perfect!

She introduced Madly Yours makeup to me a while back… and ever since I got hooked up on some certain products!

Later on… we had the Madly Yours team come to our house in cooperation with Lamia -who organized the whole thing- for makeup session/tips and it was so much fun 😉 We invited our friends to the event and it was just great (link) – very private and cozy gathering 😉

So in this post I am planning to take you on a virtual tour with me in Madly Yours store 😉

The display of makeup is such a tease.. you wanna try anything and everything!

Shabby chic furniture with lots and lots of Continue reading

Recommended – Cargo Cosmetics

I am so in LOVE with Cargo Cosmetics, specially with their Oil Free Foundation and Concealer + Foundation In One.

I first came to know about this brand from my friend Farah, who was living in Paris for about a year. I initially tried some of hers on my skin and it was so light and clear… did not even feel like foundation. I looked it up online to order some when she suggested I try Sephora in the Avenues… and I FOUND IT there 😉

Ever since I tried it, I got hooked and wanted to share it with you as one of my secret buys 😛 Not anymore I guess! When I told my friend about it she did not even believe I was wearing any foundation! That how light and natural it is. The other product, Concealer + Foundation is perfect to use under your eyes and in areas where you believe you mostly need it! Check out their products and you may like them as well… I am going to check their other products too 😉

Nuwany Goodies ;-)

I have previously posted about a very interesting shopping websites called Nuwany. About a month ago, I got a bag full of Nuwany’s goodies… and tried them out (well most of the items anyways) and wanted to share my experience with you 😉

Many of the products were from 100% Pure, a brand I came to know about from Nuwany itself… so what do I have in my bag for you to Continue reading

label.m Products

I am so in love with label.m products! My current favorites are the Dry Shampoo, the Sea Salt Spray, and the Blow Out Spray

Price tag? Dry Shampoo is KD5.540, and Sea Salt Spray is KD7.710 (I dont know the blow out spray’s cost – sorry)


The Dry Shampoo is ADDICTIVE! Its light and last for longer time than the one I used to have before. Plus, the smell is nice too 😉

To me, label.m Dry Shampoo > Lee Stafford Oily Roots (I recommended it before)

Same goes for label.m Sea Salt > L’Oreal Beach Creme (which I also have recommended a while back)

All in all, I switch my previous recommendations to label.m products for that they are light and more natural looking. The leave no visible residue, and my hair smells great and feels light 😉

They are available at Toni & Guy 😉

Purelogicol Price!

OK so after almost one month of using Purelogicol I am very pleased with it that I wanted to get more (check my previous post here). And like I mentioned before, the price of the product varies depending on the pharmacy you get it from. Boots sells it for KD22 and Shamiya Coop Pharmacy sells it for KD18.690! I sent the driver to AlQadsiya pharmacy to get it for me, and I gave him KD20… guess what? Its selling there for KD22

The driver called me from the pharmacy and said it was KD22.. I talked to the pharmacist and told her it is selling for KD18.690 in AlShamiya. So at the end, she agreed to sell it for KD18.750!

Whats your take on that???

Recommended – Purelogicol

As I mentioned before, I have a falling toe nail (due to a trauma) and its really affecting me negatively! I am hating the process but been incredibly patient given the fact that toe nails grow at much slower rate than nails… anyways, I came across a product/supplement called Purelogicol while shopping at Boots! The pharmacist swore by it… explaining that its not only good for nails, but also for hair, skin, and joints! Plus its pure collagen, and it reminded me of that episode on Oprah about how Japanese found the fountain of youth through collagen!

My take on the product?

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed stronger nails to be quite honest. I also have been told by a couple of friends that my hair looks better and healthier (it kinda grew faster too – or felt like it) Plus I use an amazing range of hair shampoos (yes, I alternate hair shampoos all the time). I am still waiting for my skin to be “flawless” hahaha! My skin feels more vital though 😉

Lets not forget that “You are what you eat” and I have been trying to change my lifestyle too, drink loads of water, and exercise between now and then (I have to do it regularly after Ramadan)… so all the above are factors in the changes I have been noticing 😉

Price tag? Well I got mine for Continue reading

Recommended – Makeup Forever Eyelashes

For those of you who know me well you know I do not wear heavy makeup so dont be shocked that I recommended this! Makeup Forever Eyelashes #130!

As you can tell, from the pictures above, I buy’em in bulk cuz they run out of those really fast! They look heavy but when I appky’em I do not have to wear heavy eye makeup cuz they do wonders adding depth and dramatic look! I love’em! ❤

Price tag? KD5 😉

Ansam on The Avenues Q&A

I have been featured on The Avenues Q&A 😉 Check it out (link)

Recommended – Shiseido Cleansing Brush

I have been using this brush for over 10 years now and I love it.

Whenever I find them available, I buy’em in bulk… because they usually run out of them FAST! So there you go with another secret revealed for you my readers… anyways, it is amazing!! It comes with a protective cap that also works as a stand for the brush.

It makes cleaning easier and better… not only that but the rounded silky bristles gently exfoliate and those Continue reading

Surprising Healing Benefits of Spices

Did you know that when the sprinkle cinnamon into your morning oatmeal or the dash of dried oregano on your pizza  can actually do your body good?


Health Powers: Eases

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