I Do Nails

I finally got to use my voucher and try the home service of I Do Nails! I was having a quiet lazy week and was too tired, actually drained, to go out and do my nails, so it was about time I give them a call…

They arrived about 10 mins before my appointment time, fully equipped with all the material needed! I was too tired to take pictures but managed to snap a couple

I was served and taken care of that day by Jienel… she is super sweet and very professional in her work! She started of with a very relaxing and much needed head massage with banana-avocado hair treatment. She left it on my hair while she did the works with my nails; mani/pedi!

I almost always have color on my nails, she suggested I give them a break and have a vitamin coat only this time – and yes I listened to her. She used some sort of chocolate mask and scrub, OMG I swear I wanted to lick my hands hahaha! That mask smelled like nutella chocolate!!!! I am telling you I enjoyed every bit of the treatment… I was literally sitting at home watching TV! I told her I dont want the spa-like atmosphere, I just want to feel relaxed and chilled at home! I was in that mood!

 You can find more pictures on their Facebook Page and/or on my previous post about them here!

To book an appointment call 66624079 – or add them on BBM, their pin # is 231D24AC

For more, you can check out their facebook page (link)

7 responses to “I Do Nails

  1. You are a boring person! empty so empty!

    • Whoa! Thanks 😀 I am boring and empty… but you took the time and left me a comment! Wonder if I was fun and full of surprises… what would you do?

  2. wow! looks great!! shawagteeni lol

    bas i noticed that u said u always have nailpolish on. just wanted to let u know that u cant pray with nailpolish on. lama etiyadidain water needs to clean/reach ur nails, but with polish on, that cant happen. fa withoo2ich mayinqibil oo machinich im9alya. just incase u didnt know.

  3. Shawagteeni 3la the chocolate mask!!! 😀

  4. you are a nice person though:).. but know that I would do nothing, if I do praise someone then words wont be able to leave my mouth.

  5. Whoa what’s with u all haven’t you heard of respecting all believes ,let’s for the sake of argument say Ansam was chrictain would that mean u wouldn’t read her blog .
    I love every thing in ur blog

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