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After all those dusty days and sand storms, who does not need a professional car wash? Right? 😉 And whats better than doing it the “green” way! Well, a couple of weeks ago my friend was telling me about this new waterless car wash service (+ detailing +protection) called WALESS. She arranged for it and I got a call from the owners about it… they wanted to treat me for an early birthday gift I guess 😉

Yesterday, two gentlemen came in a mini van for my waterless carwash and detailing

They are eco-friendly company, they use high-end products to clean cars without the need of water… a sight I hate seeing, specially when I pass by some houses early in the morning and see water wasted badly!

The staff/cleaners were friendly, I kind of checked on many things and asked them to concentrate on some areas! Like for example my Continue reading


I passed by LAZURD with my friend Amna S. a couple of weeks ago and was in love with the store… the display, the staff! I mean everything was nicely presented and the staff members although busy with customers, they were all smiles…

They invited me to come back again at a less crowded time to be able to pictures freely and taste as many items as much as I want. So we went back again, and this time the chef was there to greet us 😉

At first we were greeted with a mini cup of some sort of a blueberry shot drinks 😉

Then we took the tour inside the store… which is really small, but very nicely arranged… The chef was around to explain each of the items on display with the fabulous Myriam… So lets take the virtual tour inside the store now, shall we?

The store is decorated Continue reading

I Do Nails

I finally got to use my voucher and try the home service of I Do Nails! I was having a quiet lazy week and was too tired, actually drained, to go out and do my nails, so it was about time I give them a call…

They arrived about 10 mins before my appointment time, fully equipped with all the material needed! I was too tired to take pictures but managed to snap a couple

I was served and taken care of that day by Jienel… she is super sweet and very professional in her work! She started of with a very Continue reading

Digestive Comfort or Money Back?

As I was drinking Activia Laban I noticed the bottle read “Digestive Comfort or Money Back?”

Now do they actually live to that promise? And if yes, where do we get the money back from? The grocery store we bought the drink from or the mother company?

Don’t get me wrong! I have no problem with the drink itself… I just raised the issue because my cousin once saw one of those “As Seen On TV” ad in the classified section of the newspaper about a certain product… promising your money back if not satisfied. When he called them up and asked if they would actually return his money if it didn’t work for him, their answer was “No! Sorry, we can’t guarantee that”

What’s your take on this issue???

Ansam518 <3 Blog@

I was contacted via Twitter by @FahadAlibrahim to inform me about his latest App for Kuwait’s Blogs… he included my blog in the application 😀

Thanks Fahad 😀 😀 😀

To download it, click here 😉

New 518 Sponsor – QualityNet

Again, I am happy to announce a new sponsor here…. QualityNet 🙂


For more, click here!

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For more on Qnet

YouTube (link)

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Twitter: @QualitynetISP

Blink & Go

The Boudoir Salon sent me this by email:


If you are a girl like me that loves the look of long lucious lashes this is an amazing treatment to try.  For beautifully framed eyes on a daily basis try the individual lashes by The Boudoir Salon, it takes time to apply but stays for at least two weeks.  The trained technician applies lash by lash of different lengths depending on the look you want to achieve, until you have a thick, curled set of dark lashes.  Bye Bye mascara!! Book your appointments now 25335951/2!

Facebook (link)

I booked an appointment – and will keep you posted 😉

At Your Service

My friend sent me this picture and asked me if I know (or my readers) anything about this service? Like their phone number/services/website…. etc!

So drop a line if you know how to get in contact with them 😉



Looks like this service is closing down and is now for sale! Anyone interested???

Argent Chauffeur Services – Milton Keynes

Argent Chauffeur Services is one of the best we tried while in Milton Keynes! They provide personal and reliable services such as:

  • Chauffeured Travel
  • Private Hire
  • Airport journeys
  • Contract Work
  • Corporate Entertaining
  • Executive Mini Coach Hire

They are super professional, punctual, and luxurious! The driver would send you an SMS when on his way to pick you up. Very well mannered drivers in uniforms with very clean cars!

The service is priced depending on the number of passengers and luggages (link)

Official Wbesite (link)

Tel: 01908 239531 – 07710 443647 (mobile)

Fax:01908 239532



The Hub – Milton Keynes

While in London with my dad last year, we took a three days trip to Milton Keynes to overlook personal business… I love Milton Keynes so much but I got so sick on that trip that I couldn’t do much 😦

We have a house there, but it was just not worth it to stay in a big house when it was just the two of us, so we stayed in Jurys Inn, and right on the back side of the hotel, there is a place called The Hub.

Its a development of restaurants, cafes, hotels, businesses and apartments – a retail quarter in the heart of Milton Keynes… not too far away from the train station and the shopping area with all attractions around it. We only used the taxi once while in there!

The architecture is radically different than London. Its young and modern in Milton Keynes… the people there are also so friendly and welcoming.

The Hub is one of the places not to be missed while in Milton Keynes!