The New Gelato Bonbons

Few days ago I posted an announcement that Gelato Italiano were offering bonbons with new flavors covered in white chocolate; rose, jasmine, and white pistachio! I quickly grabbed my phone and placed an order for one box to have it for our Friday family gathering!

We were all busy watching the Royal Wedding on TV, so THANK GOD for Mr. Delivery I got our yummies delivered for lunch that day 😉

I tried one piece of each… the rose

The white pistachio

And jasmine

Out of the three flavors I tried, I liked the jasmine one the most… followed by the rose, and then the pistachio! Nevertheless… they were all summery and refreshing!

I think Dalal was smart to have’em covered in white chocolate instead of her regular chocolate covered bonbons for a change! The white chocolate complimented those flavors really well! GOD job!!

Gelato Italiano is located on Ahmed AlJaber St in Sharq. Their tel is:22434434

Join their Page on Facebook (link)

One response to “The New Gelato Bonbons

  1. 3alaikom bil3afia! Glad you like it 🙂 Like you Jasmine is my favorite 🙂

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