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Blink & Go – The Lashes

Its been almost three weeks since I had Blink & Go lashes applied at The Boudoir Salon (link)

The process to apply them took a long time, but it was so worth it! I was taken care of by Nohad – their makeup artist and Blink & Go technician.

She started by Continue reading

I Do Nails

I finally got to use my voucher and try the home service of I Do Nails! I was having a quiet lazy week and was too tired, actually drained, to go out and do my nails, so it was about time I give them a call…

They arrived about 10 mins before my appointment time, fully equipped with all the material needed! I was too tired to take pictures but managed to snap a couple

I was served and taken care of that day by Jienel… she is super sweet and very professional in her work! She started of with a very Continue reading

Sumou Perfumes

Basma sent me three perfumes, made at home by her brother (a new project he’s working on)

They’re called King Rose, Sultana, and Fahad

My sister took King Rose, I am giving Fahad to my friend Um Fahad… and keeping Sultana, it was my favorite 🙂 Reminded me of the blogger iLSuL6ana

There are 10 different kinds selling at KD10 each – for more info you can call 65050154






Blink & Go

The Boudoir Salon sent me this by email:


If you are a girl like me that loves the look of long lucious lashes this is an amazing treatment to try.  For beautifully framed eyes on a daily basis try the individual lashes by The Boudoir Salon, it takes time to apply but stays for at least two weeks.  The trained technician applies lash by lash of different lengths depending on the look you want to achieve, until you have a thick, curled set of dark lashes.  Bye Bye mascara!! Book your appointments now 25335951/2!

Facebook (link)

I booked an appointment – and will keep you posted 😉

Recommended: label.m Session Hair Up Brush

Whenever I go to Toni & Guy for a haircut/color, my stylist -Alison- likes to try a new look on me. We tried so many looks, the beach sun-dried hair look, the wavy, curly, straight, super straight… etc!

I remember she used a special kinda brush at one of those visits… with unusual bristles! It kinda look like the brushes they use to comb horse hair, but smaller and thinner!

I asked her yesterday about it… while having my haircut, and she told me its now available for sale at the salon!

This is from Lable.M Store online:

“A specialised birch wood brush created for editorial and session stylists looking to create any hair up styles, from neat ponytails and chignons to avant-garde creations. Made from a blend of anti-static boar bristles and strengthening nylon, backbrushing becomes easier allowing for masses of volume. The curved body is designed to follow the head shape for optimum precision.”

Selling for KD7.100 in the salon 😉

Beauty: Tips, Offers, Finds & Beyond!

Nail It

As usual… Nail It comes with a new special treatment of the month, and for April they have GOLD 😉 As described on their Facebook: “New excellent 24K pure Gold that provides your skin with the ultimate treatment! Specially designed to penetrate the deep layers of tough skin”

  • Website (link)
  • Facebook (link)
  • Twitter: @nailitspa
  • Tel: 22658869
  • email:

Gloss Salon

I got the following email from Gloss Salon

Following on the success of her previous two visits, guess who is coming back to K-town pretty soon?? Narybu from Spain!! For those of you who don’t know her, Narybu is a famous salon owner and stylist in Spain. Her salon is one of the best salons in Spain, and she has 3 different branches in the Spanish territories including Marbella, Malaga, and Las Palma. Narybu is well known for her professionalism and creativity and for using the best products in the industry. She’s expert in both Japanese thermal straightening technology “YOKO” and the improved Keratin Complex smoothing therapy; which is totally odorless, environmentally friendly, and absolutely great for your hair!! To help you look fabulous and get the hair you always dreamt of, Narybu will be waiting for you from 29/4 to 5/5 in Gloss Salon Jabriya.

بناء على نجاح الزيارتان السابقتين ، و الطلب لمتزايد على Narybu من اسبانيا، Narybu هي صاحبة صالون من اشهر ا لصالونات الاسبانية،و التي تتفرع  في ثلاث مناطق اسبانية ماربيا الاسبانية، ملقا، و لاس بالما . ومن المعروف عن Narybu استخدام أفضل و احدث المنتجات في العالمية.Narybu مختصة في التمليس الياباني “يوكو” وكذلك الكراتين (keratin complex)؛ وهو عديم الرائحة تماما،و مصنع من مواد صديقة للبيئة التي تعيد لشعرك رونقه و جماله ،تخلصي من جفاف شعرك و احصلي على شعر لطالما حلمت مع Narybu من 4 / 29 وحتى 5 / 5 في صالون جلوس الجابرية”

  • Facebook (link)
  • Address: Jabriya, Block 1A, St. No. 8 Building 28, 1st Floor
  • Tel: 25359051
  • email:

Libélula Nail Spa (home service)

From their Facebook page: “A Nail spa where you can get your nails done by our team in the comfort of your own home . Pamper yourself and get ur lucky Libélula”

  • Facebook (link)
  • Twitter: @libelulanspa
  • Tel: 55106611
  • email:

I Like: OPI’s “Try On This Color”

*click to enlarge*

I like the “TRY ON THIS COLOR” on OPI’s website

Simply go to , select nail length, skin tone, and pick a color to “virtually” try it on 😉

Its addictive… Now I want that Grand Canyon Sunset nail polish on 😛

Dr. Fish Treatment – Now Available in Kuwait?

My friend sent me a link to “LIKE” on one of the pages in Facebook called Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

According to the info they posted, they are open daily from 10:00AM to 10:00PM  in the Aqua Park on Gulf St (you dont need to pay entry ticket to the park, just go in to the spa) – Ladies only

To book an appointment, call 94099144

And then I read on Q8BlackMarket about another salon called Betty Boop offering the same service! It looks like that it will be the new trend 😉

So I made my calls

Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

One treatment: KD7-10 for 30 mins

KD7 for 30 mins

KD10 for 45 mins

Betty Boop (link)

Regular is KD12 – 15 mins

Spa Treatment is KD16 – 20 mins with massage and special lotion/cream

Must book an appointment – call 25356064

So…. Anyone tried it yet? How safe is it (check this out)?

To know more about Dr. Fish Treatment, click here!

The Boudoir Salon – 518 Offer

The Boudoir Salon is giving my female readers a SPECIAL OFFER – valid till April 14th 😉

Get 20% discount for their tanning machine (VersaSpa) sessions…. yes get the summer look already girls! Just remember to use the code 518 to be eligible for the offer.

Call 2533595/2 to book an appointment

Website (link)

Facebook (link)

Twitter (link)

I Like – Madly Yours

I only trust few few people to do my makeup for that I opt for simple looks but elegant in the same time… one of my friends, Lamia, is an excellent example! She knows my features very well… and I trust her! I swear I would just sit back and relax and let her do the works! I would tell her what I am wearing and she would do her magical touches – picture perfect!

She introduced Madly Yours makeup to me a while back… and ever since I got hooked up on some certain products!

Later on… we had the Madly Yours team come to our house in cooperation with Lamia -who organized the whole thing- for makeup session/tips and it was so much fun 😉 We invited our friends to the event and it was just great (link) – very private and cozy gathering 😉

So in this post I am planning to take you on a virtual tour with me in Madly Yours store 😉

The display of makeup is such a tease.. you wanna try anything and everything!

Shabby chic furniture with lots and lots of Continue reading