BAKED @ 52 Degrees

I was invited by Ms Farah, the brain behind BAKED, to have a bite there and a quick chit-chat! I gladly accepted since I love her baked yummies (link)

The cafe is situated right there at the entrance… with a very upper-class-like European cafes atmosphere! (more pics on Danderma). Holding the one page menu in my hand reminded me of the cafes in Europe.. simple items that ranges from salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks of course! Loved it!

One sandwich grabbed my attention!!! Pomegranate Club sandwich! Made of smoked turkey, spicy beef, mixed lettuce, provolone cheese, eggs, and pomegranate sauce. When I read about such food items I feel the chef, Farah in this case, is making the sandwich for me… the kinda sandwich you get surprised with every bite! I asked for it immediately!

I browsed through other items on the menu and I am surely gonna return for more to try! They all sound very tempting ❤

Here is my sandwich….

The sandwich comes in with ketchup, special sauce, and fries… The sauce is also used in the sandwich so it can be used for both, the fries and the sandwich itself if you like to go gooey 😉

Thats another angle for you to get a glimpse of the inside….

I loved it to every bit… This sandwich was meant for me and my taste buds! The fries was spiced with paprika -if I am not mistaken 😉

I was having a very fun chit-chat with Farah while devouring the sandwich… we talked about how the business grew from a home baked products to this beautiful cafe! She is such an inspiration… I am so proud of her 😀 She also talked about the many kinds of cookies and whoopie pies.. the cakes, tarts, and puddings… though she recommended I try her red velvet melt cake!

Its a masterpiece! Farah’s own creation! The cake is kind of hard on top that you have to break in to get inside to the moist part of the cake with the red sauce dancing along with the cream cheese inside! Its a total tease and its something new, something different, and something very very yummy!!!

I had an amazing time… honestly! Loved the food and loved the atmosphere! Today is their Blue District night, if you pass by 52 Degrees I highly recommend you pass by BAKED 😉

Thank you Farah 😉 

For more, check out their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter: @BakedQ8

7 responses to “BAKED @ 52 Degrees

  1. yummy , im so hungry 😦 ansam please don’t post anything about food unless the clock pass 6 pm so i will be home and enjoy my food 😛

  2. The presentation’s really dull and boring. Could be wayyyyy better.

  3. OMG! The red pomegranate sauce is such a tease! Atwaqa3 ya36i 6a3am! MUST MUST MUST
    Inshalla sooooon ajaribha

  4. I went there for lunch again today… i was sooo craving their goat cheese salad. I had the penne pasta and my husband had the mushroom burgers and then i was so naughty i ordered both a chocolate whoopie pie and the red velvet cheese cake 😦

    The place was packed masha2 Allah 😀 o your flowers where on the counter Ansam 😀 Nice gesture and nice touch to the place…

  5. The cake looks Yum! 3alaich bil3afya! 😀

  6. i tried thier chicken liver rocca salad ! it was so yummy specialy with the balsamic vinegar!

  7. Ahhh, I was there around this time !
    Grrr how did I miss you!

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