Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine

My sister told me to drop by Patara for AMAZING Thai food…. and guess what? Lucky me -ahem- My old friend Abdulrahman and his super sweet wife Razan invited us for dinner there last December 😉 It was an AMAZING night and a great company…

Now the pictures I am about to share dont do the restaurant justice! I forgot to snap pictures before the attack!

Initially, we were given out the menus… I, as usual when dining a la Thai, would go for green curry chicken. My dad wanted seafood… Abdul asked us if we trusted his taste? Knowing him all those years, I knew I could trust him with food and food choices… so we placed the menus on the table and we let the master do the job!

Now I dont know the dishes names but it went from lamb leg, to fish, and two kind of shrimp dishes, tuna carpaccio, and more more more (I am hoping to get an update from them about the exact names LOL) he even helped me with the picture taking of the dishes!

Everything was SO GOOD! The lamb was so juicy and tender… the fish was full of flavor, the shrimp (although spicy) were cooked to perfection! Tuna was fabulous… I was moving from one dish to another – my dad, who is usually picky with Thai food, was enjoying it as well… he even marked the restaurant as a “must drop by when in London” in his agenda!

The night could not have ended in any better way… my sister told me not to miss out on the sweet sticky rice and mango dessert

It was AMAZING! The mango slices complimented the sticky rice pretty well…

Everyone else ordered roasted bananas with vanilla ice cream and sprinkle of cinnamon

And of course… my favorite kind of tea… Jasmine 😉

It was an amazing evening… Patara is my favorite Thai restaurant of all times… not a single dish was bad or just good… they were all fabulous!

Thank you Abdul & Razan for such an amazing dinner and fabulous company 😉

2 responses to “Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine

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  2. I love Patara and I’m so glad you liked it too. We had a great time with you and your adorable dad. I’m also so happy that I got to meet you in person after knowing you through your blog for so long. 3alaikum balf alf 3afia :*

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