Recommended – Cargo Cosmetics

I am so in LOVE with Cargo Cosmetics, specially with their Oil Free Foundation and Concealer + Foundation In One.

I first came to know about this brand from my friend Farah, who was living in Paris for about a year. I initially tried some of hers on my skin and it was so light and clear… did not even feel like foundation. I looked it up online to order some when she suggested I try Sephora in the Avenues… and I FOUND IT there 😉

Ever since I tried it, I got hooked and wanted to share it with you as one of my secret buys 😛 Not anymore I guess! When I told my friend about it she did not even believe I was wearing any foundation! That how light and natural it is. The other product, Concealer + Foundation is perfect to use under your eyes and in areas where you believe you mostly need it! Check out their products and you may like them as well… I am going to check their other products too 😉

8 responses to “Recommended – Cargo Cosmetics

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  2. Wow chNch 7asa feni Ga3da afaker a’3ayr my faoundation.. Nshallah I’ll try it soon , bs b cham?

    • They dont have price tags anymore, and I lost my receipt! I usually do post prices. If I get a chance, I will update my post with the prices

  3. wen 9ayer bel.avenues?

  4. thakarni ib 3a9eer caprice;p

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