Blogs I like

I have been following Kandee Johnson on YouTube (link) for a while now (thanks to Mimmi ;-)) and loving her work with regards to hair/makeup/beauty tips! Then I found her on Facebook and became a member of her fan page (link) – soon after I clicked the “Like” button I saw so many from my friends’ list do the same (gotta love facebook)! Anyways….. the lady is not only gorgeous inside out, but also CREATIVE! She’s an artist! I have followed many of her videos and the results were outstanding! They are easy to follow – honestly! Below are some videos from her YouTube channel and pictures I got from her Facebook page 😉 Bunch of her costume looks!






For more… Check out her blog (link), Like her facebook page (link), subscribe to her YouTube channel for her amazing and easy to follow tutorials (link), and follow her on twitter (link)

3 responses to “Blogs I like

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  2. love her too…how bout michelle phan? u like her?

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