Omar AlKhayyam Musical

I was really upset that I missed Omar AlKhayyam Musical last month but then I received an email from LoYAC telling me that they have extended it for two more days…

I was overjoyed and determined to go specially since I kept hearing good reviews about it. I went there with my friend and we both enjoyed it to the max.

The efforts put into this play, with their minimum funding, are absolutely fabulous. The cast did a great job and the performance was surprisingly good! I am talking acting, decor, fashion, choreography…. everything! Loved the effort and I am glad they extended it 😉 It was a show not to be missed!

Thanks Nora, Hayatt, and Hassan 😉

5 responses to “Omar AlKhayyam Musical

  1. Never heard of it! but looks interesting;p

  2. I went to it the second day, it was really amazing!!!!!!!

    Good jom wala, the clothes was perfect o ada2 el kel was perfect, bs ma3jabny shay wa7ed! when men touchs women when they are dancing. `7o9o9an el mp7ajabat.

  3. Thank you very much for posting such a positive comments about our play ‘Omar Al Khayyam’ , your comments are highly appreciated.

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