Gelato Italiano Gone Ramadani Again ;-)

Gelato Italiano is now offering their Ramadani ice cream flavors for you to try 😉

Dalal (Um Azoz) was kind enough (AS USUAL) to send me some home… now dont say I did not warn you, but I am about to post some of the gelato pictures I have so click only if you wanna see’em 😉

Yummy as usual and loved by all my family members! Their unique flavors are right on time for Ramadan! I am hooked 😉

To order, visit their branch in Sharq on Ahmed AlJaber – St. Gaz Tower. Their tel # is 22434434

Facebook Group (link)

5 responses to “Gelato Italiano Gone Ramadani Again ;-)

  1. Looks great. It wasn’t until recently that we found how good Gelato was. Ice cream is taking a back seat!

  2. I’m *droooooling* !!!! looks yummmmmyyy sa7teen !! sorry girl bs khalas i wont check your blog till fatoor !! loooool ur blog yafatir :S

  3. Merci Somsom :*
    Glad you liked it 😉

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