Bouky Offers!

I have been receiving so many offers via SMS with regards to Bouky! You just need to go to the stores with the offer and top your phone at Bouky outlet poster to download the offer. Here are some of those offers:

  • Spend KD15 or more with Bouky at La Brasserie De L’toile and get free dessert.
  • Buy 2 Italian gourmet Pizzas at Pizza Rustica & get a free pizza.
  • Pay with your Bouky phone at 5 different participating outlets before May 31st , 2010 and get KD10 back.

I guess its time to “Smile & Wave” 😉

5 responses to “Bouky Offers!

  1. I have a question plz. Once Bouky is released to the public, whats the age craiteria for it? Can college student have it with their accounts instead of credit cards? Or can they use it with prepaid VISA card (like the gift cards)? Plz let me know.

    Also when will nbk release it in the market?

  2. Hi Ansam, glad to see you’re enjoying your Bouky phone.

    Follow us on Twitter ( and you’ll also get offers and updates from our tweets.

    @Anony when Bouky is released it will be available on credit cards you are eligible for including your prepaid cards.

  3. hey, does it work for blackberry’s or do i have to get that specific phone and when can i get it?

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