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Hala Ramadan – Pictures

I passed by Hala Ramadan with my sister Mimmi yesterday just an hour before the official opening of the event

The place was crowded and I was happy to see a large variety of stalls all over the place… I decided to Continue reading

Spotted: T-Shirt at Nasr Sports Store

I have been looking for 1980s inspired “off the shoulder” tees for quite some time now… My friend Alaa spotted this one in Al Nasr Sports store… which I find kinda funny 😉

Why funny?

Simply because the Tee reads “Sleep All Day” when they are selling “SPORTS”wear 😉

On another note… if you happen to know any store who sell those kinda tees, drop me a line 😉

The Royal Wedding Frenzy

The amazing Luluscious sent me a glimpse of The Royal Wedding frenzy in London and how some retailers are targeting tourists and serious collectors to get their hands on valuable memoir, which she admitted to fall in herself 😛

And Continue reading

Spotted: Popcart

While shopping at Arraya with my friend, we spotted Popcart (popcorn machine/cart) in Home Selection

Price tag? KD160

I know Frankom was looking for one, a smaller version of it anyways 😛

Facebook: Mahnaz Jewelry

One of the pages I like on Facebook is Mahnaz Jewelry 😉 

I know Mahnaz in person, shes into fashion -and with a good taste too 😉 So as soon as my little sister told me about her jewelry business I went ahead and checked her pieces on facebook! Elegant, chic, and stylish!

All pieces are 18K gold, Belgian Diamond and designed by Mahnaz Daneshyar 😉

To order send an email to: or contact her through facebook (link)

No LOVE – Update

My friend just informed me that the store I talked about yesterday got a visit from Department of Trade Control (ادارة الرقابة التجارية) and they found nothing at all against the store itself. Just wanted to update you all 😉 Lets see how this goes from here now!

And regarding the hate and attack comments I got, I say go reread what I posted! I never said the store is actually selling FAKE items – I did not accuse them of that! It can be a problem within the company itself and I am not sure too! I also stressed on the UNIQUE customer service my friend received from that store!

Dont just attack me! Read it well please 😉

For the full story, CLICK HERE!

From Coco With Love

Remember my post “Coming Soon” few days back? I have the revealer for you! Just got an email from them earlier today:

“Rare and Vintage Chanel Jewellery coming soon to Kuwait”

Will be back with more pictures to share 😉

For more… check out the following links:

Facebook Group (link) – Facebook Page (link)

Twitter: @FromCocoLove


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ƒ²O d.e.s.i.g.n.s <3 Bayt Abdullah

“SMILE … It’s contagious!”

Three new items from F2o Designs at Venyooo!


Hurry and get them now; all proceeds will go to charity –> Bayt Abdullah

For more on check out their website (link), Facebook page (link), blog (link), and/or follow @F2oDesigns on Twitter (link)

Street Vendors in Syria

I have noticed the many many kinds of street vendors in Syria… mainly selling different food items! They sell so many things from popcorn, corn, chestnuts, bread, juices, CDs/DVDs, toys, souvenirs… you name it!

I have snapped a few here and there… and will update this post if I find more in my files (or my sisters’)

Can you guess what kind of vendor this is? What is he selling?

He is selling Continue reading