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I was contacted by Zawaya AlShaghaf (Angles of Passion) to post those pictures on my blog. A group of 15 young Kuwaitis who came together for the soul purpose to push Kuwait’s youth to a new level… talents and hobbies are wonderful thing to express, so “Zawaya al shaGaf” wanted to put them on stage and make them a living breathing example to all hidden talents among the Kuwaiti youth…

Zawaya is a continuation of Oqsim campaign.


And as P0ach explained in his post, Oqsim made a huge impact on the country. So lets spread the word 😉


To participate, send a video or pictures of your talent and work to (deadline is August 30th 2009)

There is no age limit to this 😉

Or call: 6584-5532 And 2256-0195
Fax: 2266-8111

Join their Facebook group by clicking here!

5 responses to “Zawaya AlShaghaf

  1. I do not get the group’s name, but sending video of my talents, now that sounds interesting.

    • zawaya al shaghaf means angles of passions… basically there are different angles to show your passion and what you love to do… so share and express 😉

  2. WOW!……ana 3indee mawhebaa weddee a3retha-haa shloun bss adizza 3al email?!?

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