Two talented young ladies in their early 20s are participating in AlTijari Hobbyists Exhibition that opend yesterday! They are selling colorful accessories… from headbands, to necklaces and brooches! Neon colors, to soft pastels, warm earthy tones, garden like, and Mulan Rouge-esque… using croshet, buttons, beads, pearls, crystals, feathers, chains, ribbons and more! I snapped some of their pieces for you to check out..







The Tijari Hobbyists Exhibition is held in Sheikh Salem AlAli Hall in Qurtuba Coop. Yesterday was the opening but the exhibition will go on till tomorrow August 29th. A lot of other participants are there too (accessories, clothings, food, and more).

8 responses to “Exhibition

  1. I’m sick of the headband mania but the brooches are very cute, I must say.

  2. their stuff look really nice

    allah wyafghum inshalah

  3. I need to buy a birthday gift for my friend and she really likes stuff like this…
    I think I’ll go today 😉

  4. Allah ywafighom.. mashallah wayed 7ilween 🙂

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