Yoo Moo Fat Free Frozen Yogurt – Milton Keynes

While in Milton Keynes last December, in Midsummer Place Shopping Center to be specific, I spotted Yoo Moo Fat Free Frozen Yogurt! I never tried it nor heard of it before 😉

They have a very wide range of items… from frozen yogurts, to smoothies, and fruit toppings! The fruit looked so fresh and yummy!

The booth was very colorful with funky stools and lights! I went ahead and ordered a swirl of plain and strawberry while my dad ordered his plain with some berries on top

Mine was not all that 😦 Actually the strawberry part of it was not good 😦 Plus I was sick… so my taste-buds were all acting up on me (remember Jaipur?)

I really could not take over three spoons of that cup and I had to throw it away, so my very generous dad asked me to share his – and yes, of course I did 😉 I kinda took over too! Thanks daddy ;-*

Still… it did not match up to my liking of frozen yogurt! So no more Yoo Moo for me 😉 Sorry!

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