Jaipur – Milton Keynes

Another restaurant we dined in while in Milton Keynes was Jaipur. A very popular restaurant amongst Kuwaitis there… its a bit far from all the attractions so you may wanna take a taxi/car ride there.

I was so sick and in a bad mood. I had stuffy nose and fever… my taste buds were DEAD! I wasnt even that hungry so do not kill me for my choice of dinner that day… Capisce?

We ordered garlic bread (naan) to share – it was fresh, soft, and yummy. I also had salt lassi drink (yogurt based)

My dad ordered shrimp masala with veggie rice – he said it was good, but I was clingy and sick I did not want to have a bite – although he kept offering

I ordered Jeera Pulao rice with a side of mixed rita (yogurt)

I was so upset that day because I kept asking for grilled chicken – nothing spicy and not tandoori (red in color) – I wanted something cooked well in spices but not to spicy, my throat was on fire and I wasnt feeling well but they did not understand me or something… so thats why I was like rice and yogurt will do 😦

For dessert, my dad ordered Gajar Ka Halwa again and he liked it

And again… I know you will kill me for my choice of dessert… I ordered coconut ice cream while sick with a flu LOL but I really and strongly believe that ice cream can help you heal faster 😛

Towards the end, the staff were trying to be nice asking about my camera and questions in general… telling me how sorry they were for not being able to serve me what I wanted…

I also snapped pictures of the place to give you a feel of the atmosphere… not my choice for interiors… but it was a big restaurant – one of the biggest indian restaurants that I have been to 😉

Our total came to GBP43.12

I would say Bombay Palace was much better… but then again I was sick and not in the mood. Plus I liked it more in previous trips (so my take on it this time isn’t fair ;-)) But I would rather dine in Las Iguanas for better food, service, and price too!

Jaipur is located in Grafton House, 599 Grafton Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 1AT
Their tel# is 01908 669796

email: info@jaipur.co.uk


3 responses to “Jaipur – Milton Keynes

  1. Really creative blog here! Did you think of all of this content yourself or did you have some help? be honest.. lol

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