No Mobile & No Cameras at Weddings

I hate it when at a wedding they have some sort of two inspection ladies that searches our bags/clutches for mobiles and/or cameras when entering a wedding hall! Last wedding I went to, I ignored their calls… she was like “Excuse me, I need to search your bag”.. I said “No! Thanks” and walked away from her inside the hall… what now? Is she gonna get me arrested?

I really think it is a BAD idea to have such ladies do that for guests! Its like you do not trust them enough, but its OK for you to have a video camera running the whole time running and they have to trust you with it, but you do not trust them with mobiles…. It gets even worse when they have the metal detector running all over you! I mean excuse me!!!

They take your mobile and give you a number reference ticket for it to go back inside without it and whenever you need to make a call, you have to go back to them and wait to get it!! Its an annoying process to be honest!

We usually have the driver dropping us off, and my dad picking us up when we “Call” him. He would be like “I am gonna be here soon, so you can come down now” so imagine I have to leave the wedding hall, give my ticket to the inspectors, wait to get my phone, call my dad, and then wait for him to call me back and tell me to come down! You know what I mean!??

Not to mention the problem my friend faced last time she was invited to a wedding with those inspectors. She said she took her mobile to the rest rooms and one of the ladies followed her and waited outside to take it back -HOW RUDE- and then when she went again to make another call… she had to wait in line AGAIN for it, and the lady next to her was very upset because they mixed up her phone… another one was SO ANGRY they couldnt find her mobile!

“Do I really wanna trust them with that to begin with?” my friend told me… she doesnt “LOCK” her phone so how would she know and how can she “Trust” they dont go through her numbers, messages, pictures…. or even make international calls!

Whats your take on that? What do you think?
I am totally AGAINST it!

28 responses to “No Mobile & No Cameras at Weddings

  1. I’ve never been to a Kuwaiti wedding but I wouldn’t want them to search my purse or take my phone. There is no way I would let them take my phone. I am all about safety but this is a little too much. Every time I go to the US camps they search my car and my purse which I do not mind. I know it could safe my life.

  2. After all we have seen, ladies need to be careful on which wedding to attend, still there are sick people who take those clips of the ladies who are well dressed and dancing and having fun privately and “sell” them, yes “sell” to other sick people who publish it online.
    also you don’t want to harass your guests by having these 2 inspection ladies opening their bags and checking on them,
    what would be good is to have these 2 inspection ladies just inform the guest at the door that “we have our own filming studio who is covering all areas of the wedding, so no need to use your mobile camera, and once the wedding is over we are glad to have you you come and watch it with us”

  3. I agree, it’s very annoying but when I see how some women behave with the cameras in weddings I can understand why they do it. Some women audaciously and without any sense of conscience pull out their phones and snap photos of everything – females dancing, the family of the bride, the groom and even the men who enter to accompany the groom. What’s worse is those women might not even be that close in relation to either party. They just do it so they can share it in their next family gathering for hot gossip – “shoofi flana shino labsa o shoofi flana shino imsawya”. I9ara7a it’s not civil; not to mention a lot of these women are veiled.

    In a small family wedding it would be easy to just inform everyone to keep their mobiles closed but in a big scale wedding where there are hundreds of people attending it’s ridiculous to assume that you can keep tap on everyone entering and exiting so in that case the best thing to do is to keep phones out of the wedding hall. Frankly even with the phone taken I’ve seen a couple who did manage to snap photos while they’re in the wedding hall.

    Don’t expect everyone to behave responsibly as you expect normal humans to.

  4. I’ve attended only one Kuwaiti wedding and the hall was full of men. I don’t think there was any searching coz who would want to take our pictures right? 😛
    But back home for our weddings there are cameras all over the place and since we have relatives flying in from various parts of the globe its understandable that they want to capture those moments and share them. 🙂

  5. Cameraless phones !!!

  6. Oh I hate that two
    as a matter of fact, I atended a wedding yesterday o they mentioned that mobs & cameras were not allowed in, fa I spoke to my friend o she was like nah that’s just something everyone writes on the card. but then when she checked 6la3 9ij, bs thank god I went early o my friend allowed me 2 take my mob in =]

    bs actually, I think once ur the bride o u’ve got hundreds of gust close ones & other u don’t know, a7es u wouldn’t want ppl 2 bring their cameras in, u can’t trust everyone u know, there are some very sick ppl.. fa el.e7teya6 wajeb

    • Zain etsaween… ham ana yoom dashait I looked for the bride’s aunt and told her that I ignored the ladies and kept my mobile.. she laughed and said it was fine and asked me to come in and enjoy the party

  7. il 7emdela so far all the weddings that i went to makan fe chethe hopefully i don’t face it, la2na i am totally against it o a7es 7ada mala da3i eli ga3den esawona.

    • Lo tadreen cham 3irs I get invited to, and how I discover shay yedeed kel marra o akteshef ashya wayed… I stopped going to a lot of weddings cuz its a headache. I would only go to family and friends I actually know now hehehe bes walla mallait

  8. u know when they put in the invitation no phones and cameras allowed at this minute i know am not going to the wedding one weddding didnt have that and at the door they had those ladies and my phone costs 6oo kd and i wont leave it there so i called the mother of the bride and i was like either me and my phone or am not comming in i have kids and emergency’s and i cant just leave it there !! and she was like ya leave her the exception!!

    bas seriousely i get annoyed by grls who take out the camera and take photos and some by phone to the bride and stuff its annoyng

  9. to be honest
    ur behavior was rude !
    u r invited to a private party so either u accept their rules or dont come , but coming and disregard their wish to not have the party snapped on mobile phone its soooo impolite and against all ur post about respecting laws and pepole
    its so simple: either their way or the high way

    • Thanks for your honesty but believe me I am not rude nor impolite! I can assure you of that. The invitations of the wedding I talked about above did not state that I will be searched and that my mobile will be taken away from me… and my dad would get worried if I dont answer or respond to his messages… I am not going to take permission every time I need to make a call! Thats my argument.

  10. I have never been to a wedding where i am inspected before i go inside -thankfully- but that attitude? Vulgar is what i think…

    You are absolutely right. I am trusting you with pictures and videos of me, 7ejab less and dancing, why cant you allow me the “luxury” of keeping my phone that comes equipped with a camera? I am sorry i need my phone inside to call whomever i need to call…

    I understand the no cameras rule but a phone with camera? thats just paranoid. If i am ever faced with such situation i would either barge in or simply turn and leave. if the people throwing the wedding cannot trust the people they have invited in the first place maybe they shouldn’t have thrown one to start with…

    • Oh I have been to quite a few… Walla ana kent wayed ajaamil waroo7 every single wedding I get invited to, bes ta3abt nafsiyan! So now I only go to weddings of family members and friends. I am also gonna keep my mobile no matter what mo eb kaifhom hehehe

  11. Seriuosly ? people sell those videos? WHY? if you’re that desperate just go check some internet porn…

  12. I think if you want ppl to attend the wedding you should not put restrictions… And if you are worried about ppl taking pictures, than I would say to the family of the bride/groom make a small wedding with only ppl you want to invite and are close to you… If you make a big wedding everyone is there for gossip…plus there r some woman who can describe you the wedding in full details that you can visualize the whole thing in details…. Bas sara7a 3aib!

  13. I’ve been to a number of different weddings in my life, okay to be honest they were just a few that can be counted on a hand I believe. But of them all, there was just one that came with the no camera phones rule, I used to feel that maybe I should have one of those cheap phones disposable ones for 10KD or so that come without a camera for such ocassions to at least have my phone with me so my dad can call me to come and pick me up when I need to go rather than have that phone taken away which is what I actually did for the 1st friend wedding I went to, second one I left my phone in a locker thing (which sucked by the way because it was difficult to leave the party every once in a while to go grab it and make the call), but then the 3rd and 4th weddings were for friends who weren’t having the traditional Kuwaiti wedding and I didn’t get any rules about taking the phone inside and it was cool, even better than before because now I can actually get the call my dad wants to leave when he’s outside so I can go to him and not face trouble.

    I think that the best solution might be to either ban the idea of not having cellphones in weddings even with cameras or to just grab those camera-less phones and take them with you.

    But good topic to bring up Ansam! Thanks

    • Yeah but I am not willing to waste any fils on a mobile with no camera just to use in weddings… I know what you mean, and I did accept it in the first couple of weddings I went to that had that stupid rule.

      Thanks Jacqui

  14. It is stupid, and some search ladies piss you off!
    But sometimes fee guests that are not worth the trust wayed ya5thon ra7et-hum and sometimes ahel el 3ers yet-thayegon. i also heard wayed sowalef et9er o mashakel. although i want my iphone with me but gimt a5eth cameraless fone min nafsi just to avoid any problems.

  15. Ma 3indi cameraless phone :-S

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