Wash n’ Drive

Few days back I was contacted by the very nice people of Wash n’ Drive, an automobile detailing company that offers  interior and exterior detailing in addition to car wash services at your door step + boats and bikes!

I happily scheduled one for my car as their complimentary service to me to review and I also booked another for my mom’s car 😉

They come in fully equipped, the only two things they require from you are an electricity power outlet and water 😉

Our driver -who usually do the car wash chores at home- spent the day with them to attend to their needs -if any- and was impressed by their work!

Can you see his reflection :-P?

They also leave a spot for you to check the before and after detailing of the leather inside – whoa! Nice work!

By the time they were almost done with my mom’s car they started with mine

At this point in time, my dad came in and was very pleased with the results on my mom’s car that he wanted to book an appointment for his car!

Below are few of “Before & After” pics of my car!

I must admit that their team consist of polite staff (both who handled the calls on their call center, and the crew who came in for the car wash)! When we offered them drinks and lunch, they were very polite and shy to accept!

Plus, a lot of passing by neighbors snapped pics of their truck or took their phone number! I mean everyone was impressed by their professional work!

They easily made it to my A-List 😉

Their Price list:
Home services & Shop services

  • Wash KD3
  • Wash ‘n Wax KD10
  • Interior detailing KD20-25
  • Exterior detailing KD20-25
  • Full detailing KD40-50

To book an appointment call 97717779. For more, check out their Facebook page (link)

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  2. guess I have another honey-do when I return to Kuwait 🙂

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