Ad – 50% Off Glasses

Whadya think of this ad?

Creative 😉

11 responses to “Ad – 50% Off Glasses

  1. I like it
    lovely idea

  2. I see it as just an Ad not creative in my point of view

  3. I hate this place! i went in one day to get my glasses adjusted…. and the guy working there was very rude to me.. i know that adjusting is for free but that doesnt mean he cant gain me as a future customer! he told me that i had to wait for 20 mins coz there are customers.. there was literally one man, and 2 workers ishda3wa ! the guy was just browsing.. magidar igoola one minute please while i adjust her glasses and leave the other worker with him? very very very bad experience and i go around telling everyone about that, because his attitude was even worse! im just sad that he didnt see me as a future customer rather just saw “a customer whom i cant gain from her anything now” … sorry i know sarat qisa.. bes sij 3aib 3alaihom… international optique is the best!

  4. hehehe!
    i liiikeee!!!!!
    have fun in duuubaiiii

  5. There is a dot (.) between the 5 and 0! is it 5 or 50% ??

  6. Nothing out of the ordinary to this particular ad — They just played with the 50 % a little to make it look like a spectacle……I wont pay a bundle for this ad….definitely not worth the money…

  7. very creative 🙂 I like

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