Do You Love LV THIS much?

I saw two cars during the past week all branded with LV! Whats up with that now? I know its a matter of taste (and I may get attacked by some readers) but come on… seriously?

10 responses to “Do You Love LV THIS much?

  1. lool … I’ve seen worst

  2. I guess the real q is are u hailegy this much!

    maa a7ebb hal 7arakaattt estghfeer alla trfa3 thaaaag6iii wallaa ;/

  4. Ye5

  5. I think this is crazy ….

  6. la u won’t be attacked sadgeeni 😛
    elmushkela dam emoutoun 3al kash5a eshteraw sayara san3a allah ehadeekom

  7. Nasty!! I often wonder what some people are thinking when I see stuff like this lol

  8. Whew! No one attacked me this time hahaha I guess its THAT bad 😉

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