Gaucho’s New Burgers

Many of my burger outings are with Arwa & Shushu! And this time it was a bit of an adventure.

Shushu had texted me earlier in the day to meet at Gaucho Grill for burger… I was so up for it and was SO HUNGRY by the time we got there. Flipping through the menu, the waiter came by with the usual steaks tray but we told him that we all wanted burgers. He suggested that we try the new burgers they have. The order comes with four different burgers. We clearly asked him if it was slider size, and he confirmed it… he suggested though we have ONE order for all of us, but then again when we asked him about the size… he was like its “small”.

Shushu looked at the leaflet, since they were not on the menu, and was like “Guys! I dont think he knows what sliders are. The order is KD11-something”. But I still wanted to try it although Shushu tried to bring some sense into us LOL… the order came in and we were all SHOCKED!!! Check out the “small” sized slider he was talking about…

Those are medium to BIG size normal burgers… nothing is slider about’em!

I snapped a pic (sorry for the quality – phone cam) of each!

Each order * supposedly* comes in four different burgers, chips, and chili beef fries with cheese and beans (which Shushu liked and enjoyed more than the burgers)

What I liked:

  • The new variety of burgers that is now being offered
  • The interesting mixes in each… and I wonder if you can order’em individually

What I did NOT like

  • The size of burgers – ITS HUGE!
  • The lack of knowledge to explain the dish properly
  • The lack of accuracy:

We were told that one comes with portobello mushrooms, and none of us got hers with anything portobello. Arwa told me to try the one with cherry tomatoes, I looked in my plates and could not find it. Shushu ordered her burgers medium well, and one of them was cooked medium that she thought her order was mine since I ordered mine medium!

I mean I thought four sliders being priced at KD11 was a bit high, but then when I saw the portions I was like “Thats Why!”

End result? Well of course we could not eat half of each order. We left with this:

Next time… Go back to the Gaucho Burger that we like!!

Gaucho is located in the Avenues Phase – II by the fountain outside, and their tel # is 2495-4517

11 responses to “Gaucho’s New Burgers

  1. You should change your blog to 5 1 eat!

  2. Bel3afya 🙂
    I love their burgers .

  3. It was a hell of an adventure.
    Their burger rocks 🙂

  4. hehehe!
    i used to love the big burger – but all those look stunning!
    perhaps get a portion to share between two!
    mmm yummy
    bel 3afia!

  5. Q80 In Denver

    ok i’m not going to talk about their burgers because I have never tried them .. but i’m going to talk about their steaks .. the last 2 times i’ve been to Gaucho grill (Avenues, Bed3 once each) things doesn’t look great for them .. the steaks are getting bad! and they messed up the orders .. like your case, the waitress knowledge is lousy .. the problem is that I love Gaucho but it seems that i’m going to change my mind :/ wallah 7asafa 3alaihom!

  6. Those guys are serving the best burger in Kuwait ! and their meat is absolutely stunning. My favorite steak house 🙂

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