Blueberry Icy Yogurt

Last night while in the Avenues with Shushu & Arwa… and after our feast at Gaucho Grill, we decided to stop at Napket! I have had called them earlier to inquire about their flavor of the day for the Icy Yogurt and it was Blueberry!

Perfect 😉

Since we decided to sit outside, and since I did not bring my camera…. picture quality was not all that, but the Icy Yogurt was REALLY good!

I had mine with no toppings

While Arwa ordered hers swirly with the natural flavor and topped with strawberry and pomegranate (sorry forgot to snap it earlier)

We both loved it so much! It taste so good… but I still feel that the watermelon is the best out of the flavors I have tastes (besides the natural one of course).

Shushu joined us later! She is not into icy/frozen yogurt, and she really did not trust Arwa & I much, specially after Gaucho Grill to try “new” items, so she opted for Cold Stone. But seeing how we went “ohh and ahhh” with every bite, she tried it and surprisingly LOVED it so much!!

Anyways…. the list is now as follows

  • Natural (check)
  • Coconut (check)
  • Watermelon (check)
  • Blueberry (check)
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Blackberry
  • Honeydew

Fortunately, when I got back home…. I was tagged in a picture my cousin had taken of the Blueberry icy yogurt! MUCH better than mine

Thanks Noufa K. 😉

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 2259-7755

Oh…. and Hi “Dodi” :-*

24 responses to “Blueberry Icy Yogurt

  1. yummy, from their new flavors i only tried the peach and it wasn’t bad. I believe that nothing will beat their original.

  2. I was there this morning and requested sample, really nice flavor .. even my sister who does not like yogurt said it was impressive 🙂

  3. its amazing! I`ve tried it! it taste so yummy n its the flavor best ever!

  4. * best flavor ever

  5. This place rocks
    Their icy yogurt is na6e3 7ameth 7ilo
    The salads 3awar glb
    The staff are friendly o 6air shalwa .
    I couldnt ask for anything better.
    bel3afya o egray elmo3awethat laya7sdonich 7bebtii 3la hal akel el6ayeb.

  6. Hiiii Ansam:*

    Walla it was a pleasure meeting you. I tried the original flavor and it was soooo good, a7la min Pinkberrys. No powder aftertaste. And the best part of it all, is that there’s no waiting line min caribou!

    Thank you for recommending it:)

  7. Are they sour?

  8. gosh I looooove their blueberry 7ada 3ajeeb… I noticed 9ar za7ma hnak stop posting wela be9eer nafs pink berry:p
    bel3afya 7abeebty

  9. yumm….really looks yummylicious!! i wana try out the watermelon one…which day is it??

  10. I am not a pro in the Frozen yogurt field, but I can say one thing, it was MAGNIFIQUE 🙂 Thanks Ansam for sharing it with me

    • I know I was surprised you liked it… I am not liking Cold Stone as much as I used to… they are too buttery for my taste, its for you 😛

      We should go again for Icy Yogurt 😉

  11. yummy!

    i tried their mango icy yoghurt yesterday, not that good.. boring ;p

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