Recommended – Kabab Ji Lahme Baajeen

Kabab-Ji‘s Lebanese Lahme Baajeen (small) – AKA Safayeh. One order is a dozen of small soft flat bread topped with specially spiced ground beef and wrapped in like tacos, and it taste SO GOOD! Price? KD1.400

I sometimes prepare a yogurt/cucumber dip as a complimenting dish to this order! Try the two together… hmm hmm GOOD!

To place an order, call 1861616

9 responses to “Recommended – Kabab Ji Lahme Baajeen

  1. قوي قوي قوي

    من أقوى الاطباق اللي عندهم


  2. I regret eating there every time I try since 4 years ago. They keep shrinking the dish size and keeping the same price tag or even increasing the price.

    Their Kabab is good, but they’re so freakin’ small!!! Rather going to 3dailiya for Kababji, I’d drive to Kabab Al-7ijja in Bnaid Al-Gar.

    More bang for the buck and still delicious.

  3. waiii amoot 3la kbabji tnsait b ftooshhum w ana 7aml 😛

  4. I agree dear Ansm , yogurt with cucumber is the best with meat dishes. Bel3afia

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