Al Jazeera Perfumes

I love Al Jazeera Perfumes… specially their Montale Perfumes line; Black Oud, Pure Gold, and Rose Musk. I go in and spend LOTS of money there, and I could not help but notice how stingy they are with gifts… unlike other stores, specially Al Qurashi, who in my humble opinion are the kindest with discounts and gifts!

Oh well… that does not change the fact that Al Jazeera perfumes are amazing! Too bad they are out of (and will discontinue) Al Jazeera 3, the best out of 5 – again- in my humble opinion! Gotta go check if other branches still carry the last bottles of #3! Why on earth do they want to discontinue it! I LOVE it 😦

17 responses to “Al Jazeera Perfumes

  1. Ya 7elow il Qurashi… i just got my self an amazing deal on indian bukhoor… and just as i was about to pay they would throw in more tempting offers… so hard to resist them and their discounts 😉

  2. Dalal (om 3azoz)

    Black Oud is my winter scent & Rose Musk my summer scent 😉 Love them too 🙂

  3. 9ej 9ej AlJazeera raw3a
    ma3anne ma a7eb l 36or l 3arabya
    bs hathaila 3’air specialy the three three musketeers black oud, ros and pure gold

  4. my fav. … gabil ma itkhalis ashtri w7da ydeda ;p

  5. i love # 2 .. shock etha they will discontinue producing it .

  6. بوحظـيـن

    weedi bas ‘3ali 😦

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  8. Habbibti

    Montale is a French perfumer Pierre Montale. AlJazeera is just the distributor.


  9. If you like Arabian perfumes, try Midnight Oud by Juliette Has a Gun. I loooooooooove that scent. Its so arabic!

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