To this kind of art and use of bad language in public!!


13 responses to “No-No!

  1. Nutter on Twitter

    Oui! oui! I second your non! non!
    Perhaps mall developers in Kuwait should put some thought into raising a huge wall in the courtyard where the youth can foam spray their creative energies all they like into creating something a bit more borderline intelligent. It can serve as the equivalent of Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, Marble Arch.

  2. aawwhh!!thats just spoiling public property!!!thats just bad!!

  3. If Mr Chadi (whose name is signed on the wall he blemished) had actually drawn artsy graffiti, then I don’t think anyone would mind. I like graffiti murals. Wish we had some of that here in Kuwait.

  4. Haha ! reminds of this X-FORCE guy who keeps writing X-FORCE on Marina Mall men’s bathroom doors.. every time they remove it .. he come’s back and writes ‘X-FORCE’ again … I guess he’s been doing it for last 5 years .. relentless X-FORCE ads 😛

  5. 7araam ek kuwait amana

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