Pinkberry Vs. Icy Yogurt

What do you think?

Pinkberry frozen yogurt, which is shown in the picture below with their healthy natural flavor in medium size + four kinds of fresh yummy berries all for KD2.650

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

Or Napket’s “oh-so-good” Icy Yogurt, which is shown in the picture below in their one size cup (more than Pinkberry’s medium size) + strawberries in one side for KD1.500

Napket Icy Yogurt 01

46 responses to “Pinkberry Vs. Icy Yogurt

  1. I duno; haven’t tasted frozen yogurt yet. Pinkberry’s looks yummier but it is ridiculously overpriced, I think πŸ˜€

  2. Pinkberry 100% no doubts…

    it looks much better and contains better mixed fruits “i like berries”…
    but this judgment is only from the look, i didn’t try any yet…hopefully in my next visit inshallah…

  3. am not a fan of icy yogurt
    however, i tried pinkberry.. didn’t like it at all plus it’s pricy

  4. frozen on frozen yoghurt

    All I will say is Pinkberry’s marketing trumps Napket’s hands down. Plus, there’s all you guys doing one heck of a job viral marketing for Pinkberry’s frozen yoghurt on your blogs. Are these all probiotic yoghurts we are talking here?

  5. Frozen in L'Avenues

    Hey, that’s not fair. You have frozen my ######## from out of my nick

  6. Both are good… I was at the Avenues earlier and decided to go to Napket! There is something about their icy yogurt that I like more πŸ˜‰

  7. there is no difference in the pricing each topping at napket or pinkberry is 250 fillis !!! so for four topping equal to 1 kd + the price of the ice yogurt at napket ((so the difference is 400 fillis )) on the other hand you have more choices at pinkberry compare to napket ,, for example berries πŸ™‚

    • I think the KD1.500 at Napket includes the topping (which is one kind).

      Lets not forget that Pinkberry is a specialized frozen yogurt parlor, unlike Napket who sells it as an item on their menu. Its bigger in size too πŸ™‚

      I dont want anyone to get me wrong, I liked both… but Napket’s more!

  8. Napket’s!

  9. napket ….. better texture …..

  10. Haven’t tried either but looking at both its a tough call – Pinkberry looks the tastier (how can anyone say no to blackberries ??!), but Napket’s looks the better value

  11. Wait lazim i try napket’s !!!

    Ikteshaft ini a7eb il frozen yoghurt 3ogob ma i gave pinkberry a try… Dairy Queen maqlab! if u like fruity yoghurt 3yal you will like frozen yoghurt…

    Lazim i try Napket’s now o then compare… wait for me!

  12. Not a big fan of fronzen (only had it once) but i would go with healthy natural pinkberry

  13. I think having lots of berries makes the frozen yogurt so much better.

    I have a small criticism though. In both those pics it looks like the topping is sitting on top. I don’t like that. I would like it if it was served in layers, trifle-style so that there’s more consistency in the flavor and so that the bottom layers are more immersed in frozen yoghurt.

  14. Seeing that I love frozen yogurt, I love both. The degrees of sourness is a bit different but going to Pinkberry is more fun!

    Before the pinkberry habba, I started making my own frozen yogurt. I should post it! It’s sooo easy to make πŸ™‚

    • Pinkberry’s atmosphere is fun πŸ™‚ But the lines aren’t! And I go back again to the point where Napket is a restaurant that serves icy yogurt, whereas Pinkberry is a specialized frozen yogurt parlor πŸ˜‰

  15. Escape from Dubai

    Wataniya airways should introduce Pinkberry frozen yogurt in-flight.

  16. btw not all frozen yogurt taste like pinberry’s… remember Tcby??? its fat free frozen yogurt… there used to be a stand in khaldiya coop way back in the day.. if you want to taste the typical frozen yogurt you find in the US head to marble slab and try their soft serve ice cream…. which in fact is called frozen yogurt πŸ˜› pinkberry i’d say is more of an ‘adult’ tasting dessert as opposed to regular frozen yogurt… personally i’d

  17. my comment got caught off!!!! what i was gonna mention was that i’d personally go for pinkberry its less “ice-like’ in texture and i believe less calories as well? i have no clue about the nutrition facts surrounding icy yogurt πŸ˜€

  18. definitely pinkberry, i mean the fruit (L) the berries tastes so fresh im kinda addicted here :p
    and honestly the pinkberry looks way better than the napkets one. im not following a habba cuz kilma iseer fee habba ana aroo7 3ax el sair bass with this one, i cant Dx

  19. I really liked Napket’s more! its cheaper and it has more varieties of chocolate toppings, and more flavors to choose from!!

  20. Napket is the best… not only the yugort, the food is so amazing

    PinkBerry habbbaaa ydeeda, ma ra7 an6ir eb 6aboor for ROOB!!!

    Thx for this cool post

  21. napket all the way ;*

  22. I tried both, loved napket icy yoghurt i think it is low-fat .

  23. Napket was good.. but i like pinkberry more now! or maybe i just had too much of it.. i kinda live on fro yo!

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