A couple of years back I posted about signs and how the AL doesnt really need to be added in every single name of the areas around K town! Here is an old pictures I have taken at the time with Sharg area spelled as Al Sharq!!


Few days back I saw another sign spelling Burgan with AL!

Burgan Street

Burgan was never spelled or pronounced with AL in Arabic! Its always been Burgan! Not AlBurgan oil field, not AlBurgan Bank… Just BURGAN πŸ˜‰

4 responses to “AL

  1. lol
    welcome to kuwait kilshay mwjood ;p

  2. atwaqa3 shari3 elburgan 9a7 ;p
    lna elburgan meni etkoon mo’6af elaih shay chithi πŸ˜›

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